Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Finishes of the year

The first project to be finished this year was Mari's afghan.  I finally finished it last Sunday.  I think it ended up taking 14 skeins of yarn to finish it.  If I had followed the directions to make it at first, it would have made a rug for the living room.  The pattern said to crochet 358 chains. The pattern is suppose to be 45" by 60".  It turned out to be 54" by 88".  Mari was very happy when I gave it to her.

The second project I finished.  I finished just now.  I completed the Winter Basket from the Lizzie Kate season basket.  I plan on separating them and framing them.  

I hope to finish the 5 projects that I have had started forever.  We will see what happens.

Thanks for stopping by.