Friday, August 10, 2007

Just Checking In

I have my blog as my home page and everyday I feel bad because I haven't posted in a while. So today I am posting what has been going on since last I wrote. Well, I taught one class this summer at night. (Now that is a bad choice 4-hours of College Algebra one night a week; no wonder I only finished with 3 students). I have been helping my mother keep my nephews 12, 8, 3-3/4, and 2 this summer. For the month of July the two oldest stayed at Grandma's but spent several nights a week with me (I live a stones throw from my mom & dad's). I really wasn't in the mood to stitch, because I've been playing video games with the nephews.

I stitched a simple teapot piece to send to my August Exchange person Debbie for Crazyforcsexchange. I also, sent her two patterns, a teapot kit, two skeins of DMC specialty thread with a book of patterns to use that thread.

Then I received a wonderful package from Debbie. It contained two ornaments, a pair of scissors, a towel, and 4 skeins of DMC Jewel Effects Metallics, and a sheep tape measure. My 3-3/4 year old nephew loves it.

Early this week, my sister, Jennifer, and her boys (Patrick-12 and Nicholas-8) went to Branson, MO for a short vacation. Jen & I are off between semester but the boys missed school on Tuesday & Wednesday. While on the trip I finished my part of my Round Robin.

My stitching group (Jen, Bridget (sisters), Mari (SIL), & Lisha) are planning to do a round robin with the Red Thread Snappers by Bent Creek. I can't wait to start this round robin (check out the patterns at

I have so much to do and hopefully will be working full-time this semester. I can't wait.