Sunday, May 09, 2010

April Activities

Well I haven't had internet for several weeks now. It has been torture, no emails, no blogging, no farming...I mean Facebook posting {; I have finished several things. I have pictures but not with me. I will post them tomorrow or Tuesday. The semester is drawing to a close. I have class on Monday and finals on Wednesday and Thursday. I hope to have a fun summer this year with not a lot of working like last year.

On to what I have finished. Crochet: two dishcloths and two glass-like containers. I have two afghans left from Christmas to crochet and a baby blanket for my boss Brittany. Needlepoint: I finished snow day. Cross-stitch: I finished the Lizzie Kate Flip It Blocks with Charms (12 patterns) and Bent Creek's Red Thread. I finished Erica Micheal's April Block.

I started stitching yesterday on the Quaker Halloweens - Owl and Erica Micheal's May block. I hope to stitch more for the next few weeks between classes.

I have also been spending a lot of time trying to de-stress due to being semi-retired (working part-time) with limited insurance. I hope and pray for a full-time or part-time with full benefits job for the fall. Keep me in your prayers for the job. I've started listening to relaxing music and walking early in the morning. I take my nephew Leif in the stroller on the walk and try to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells. It seems to be working some. I need to get a weekend away from everyone and everything and just relax but you know how that goes. The good thing is that I had this Saturday off and will have next Saturday off also. Yippee!!

Well got to go. I left my nephews in the other room playing on the Wii. They are 6 and 4 which means they need to be monitored.

Thanks for stopping by,

I will post again soon with pictures.