Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finishes in More Ways than One

Well, let's see, what has happened in the last month? Well..... We had Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom and Dad's. As usual, the food was totally edible, the company was comforting. Then the semester ended with a flurry of snow. We had finals from Tuesday through Friday but had to continue on Monday due to snow. On Thursday it snowed until noon and laid on the ground for two days (very unusual). My nephew Theron and I played in the snow and made a snowman, then went in to eat breakfast. When we came back out you could not tell that we had been in the snow. We had a great time.

During final exam week, I wanted to finish a project a day. Well, I did good for the first two days but the rest of the week I crocheted on an afghan but ran out of yarn. Mind you, it is yarn you can no longer buy in the store, Plum Heather by Red Heart. I need about two skeins to finish and make the fringe. Well, I will keep looking for it. As for the project they are:

The Wreath from Red Thread. I stitched it on Mari's fabric. She changed the colors to go with her fabric, of course. She is very good at choosing colors. Now I have to finish the Thanksgiving one on Bridget's. I plan on working on it tomorrow when I go to Jennifer's to stitch at 2:30. As for my Red Thread, the boxes are complete but I still have to stitch the border and words.

The second thing that I finished last week was the ABRR Group 10 Round 3. It was for Casey Carroll. Her round robin was Valerie Pfeiffer's Chorus Line. I stitched the last little birdie on the right side. It was so quick and so cute. I hope she likes it.

Today, Jennifer and I finished stockings. Actually, Jennifer finished both stockings. For my stocking she stitched the liner to the stocking at the top first. She then stitched the stocking and liners together leaving a hole at the toe in the liner section. She turned the stocking inside out and instead of hand stitching the liner toe shut, she stitched the toe shut. I really thought it was a good idea since no one would be looking at the toe of the liner. I really didn't want to hand stitch the toe shut. I am very happy with my stocking that has been in the stitching phase for at least 14 years. As soon as I got home, I hung my wonderful stocking. I am so happy.

Right now I have 3 round robins to work on, One is the Red Thread, the other is a horse and rider, and the last one is Woodland Babes. The last two are both for Rhonda. I hope to finish the horses soon. The Woodland Babes aren't due to be finished until January.

Well, I'm off to stitch. I hope to post a completed project soon. Thanks for stopping by.