Saturday, March 29, 2008

Christmas Ornament Exchange

I finished my March exchange Christmas Ornament. It is a variation of the O Tannenbaum pattern by Jane Timmers of Fancy Work in the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Edition.

I used the two large trees from the pattern but I used thread from DMC, Kreinik. and Wildflowers by Caron. I think it turned out cute. I didn't have all of the thread called for in the pattern so I improvised. I hope that Gina likes it. Since our group (crazy for cross stitch C4C) will terminate at the end of the month. It will be hard to complete an ornament a month but I will continue to try. I have 5 ornaments that need to be completed by Christmas. So that leaves me 4 ornaments to do just because. You see I joined a sub group of the EGA Cyberstitchers that stitch an ornament a month. With my exchange I was also in the ornament a month group. Since the C4CS group had a deadline I thought I could use them both to make my goals. Now, I don't have deadlines. I don't work well without deadlines, but we will see.

WIPs from Bag One

Well the other day I decided to organize my WIPs that are not in a container. I separated them into cross-stitching, needlepoint, and crochet. I have about 3 needlepoint projects with multiple canvases. The first is the Fabrege style eggs (2), the seasons geometrics (8), and the Halloween pudgy. As far as crochet goes, I have 1 afghan I am working on. But, this post will be about the cross-stitch projects that I have actually stitched on.

The first is the beaded purse. The purse is an educational project from my primary EGA group, Stitching Magnolias. We started this last year when we met at Billie's house and began beading the pin tucks. Since then I have finished the flowers, in the middle of the diamonds, and the clusters, where the pintucks meet. We were suppose to meet in February and then in March to finish the purse. I don't have a copy of the book (it was on back order) to continue working on it. I know that it will have a beaded fringe and a beaded handle but I don't know what to do next.

The next project is one that I have had for a long time, Lavender Myst. I bought this at Stitch 'n Frame in Lafayette, LA when I lived there. I think I bought in 1997 and started on it. I guess that it intimidates me because of the thread cutting part. Maybe I can get someone to do that part for me when I finish stitching it. The other thing is that in the border there is a lot of color change. The directions say to do the border completely first, but I am always making a mess. So I am going to work the border as I go. I finally put it on a scroll frame to keep it tight. Several of the rows require the fabric to be in a hoop or frame. I will be surprised if I complete this one.

The third project is the love birds that I am doing for my mother. This one is taking so long because there is a lot of color change with the leaves and flowers but I'm about finished. My mother has decided that she will finish it as a pillow. So, I need to hurry up and finish it.

The fourth project is a kit I am doing for my sister-in-law Mari. This has a few big pieces, like the miner, and a lot of half stitches. The half stitches are used to make a map of the California coast. Then it has a border around it. I thought it would be a really quick stitch but it is not turning out that way. Right now I am backstitching the miner, then I will work on the words "Wild West" and the gun that is below the miner.

The last project in the bag is the Christmas fairy. It is about halfway finished. I am following the pattern and using the specified threads. All I have left are her feet, wings, head, and the tree.

I hope to finish all of these patterns because, as you may know, I have a whole bunch more that I have kitted and want to work on.

Also I have 4 Group Correspondence Courses that are due at the end of April, May, and June. The fourth, I don't know its due date. The one due at the end of April I haven't even started yet. I really need to get busy but I don't know where the time goes. Well I am going to the living room and start stitching.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HoE Biscornu Exchange

I received my Hooked on Exchanges (HoE) exchange yesterday. It was a wonderful selection for such short notice. My partner had to drop out so the lady who runs the exchange put one together for me.

I am very pleased with my biscornu and goodies. The exchange contained Silkweaver fabric (purple - my favorite), 2 skeins of DMC variation floss, a spring notepad, LK April Flip It pattern, two candle melts (Blue Raspberrytini and Sweet Lilies from old Virginia Candle Company) and a bottle of hand lotion (Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works).

The biscornu was stitched on 32-count Silkweaver solo Lugana using Cresent Color floss. The pattern is Twilight Biscornu by Indigo Rose. It is beautiful. The lady who sent it was surprised how small it turned out. But, I like it and think it is so cute.

Since the lady who was suppose to send to me was the lady to which I would send, I am holding onto my exchange in case someone gets left out. I think my exchange partner (whoever it turns out to be) will be happy. I won't post a picture until I have sent it.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Needlepoint Bookmark

I got this bookmark at one of my EGA Stitching Magnolia's meeting. It was either a business meeting or a Christmas Party. Well I finally pulled it out on Saturday and stitched it. I used Krienik Antique Purple and Gold thread. I wanted to use an emerald green background but though it would be too "Mardi Gras"ish. So I choose a light blue background. Now all I need to do is stitch around the top to finish the bookmark.

I also completed a scissor fob for my friend, Vercher. I know that she will love it. I'm not posting a picture until she receives it. It wasn't hard to stitch but it was hard to find a pattern that worked. Now I think I am going to make something else to go in with it but I don't know what yet. Her birthday was in January. So, I am very late in getting her gift to her. I hope to mail it this weekend.

Finally, I finished the ornament for the March Ornament exchange for Crazy4CrossStitch exchange group (which is now closing). Once my partner receives the ornament I will post pictures of it. I think it turned out cute.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Scatter Sunshine and Joy

I started the Sheperd's Bush "Scatter Sunshine" freebie pattern when it first came out. I decided to do it with DMC floss on a book mark. I just finished it. It is really cute. Now, I have to decide how to back it so that the threads won't pull lose. Mama also said I need to turn the ends down so they won't unravel. I am really happy with this one. It has been in my bag of WIPs for a while. I am working to empty that bag. My goal is to work on two cross stitch patterns and one needlepoint pattern at all times. But, first I have to get my WIPs down to two cross stitch patterns. Of course this plan excludes all the round robins and exchanges that I am in. I also need to find a bee charm that will fit on the bookmark.

Well got to go stitch. I only stopped long enough to post because I haven't posted in 10 days.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cherry Hill Finished!!!

Yesterday, the girls got together for a scrapbooking day but ended up having a stitching day. I worked on the border for my Lizzie Kate Round Robin. I finished the box border. I also finished stitching the Cherry Hill pattern. It is so cute!!! I really love it. I hope to get my sister, Jennifer, to help me finish it as a stand-up cube. Tonight I hope to finish the Round Robin that I was suppose to finish yesterday. Once I finish the round robin then I have a biscornu to finish. My goal this week (spring break) is to finish a project a day. I have several that are near finishing.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I've been tagged

Lisha tagged me to name 7 weird or random facts about myself. So, here goes... But first the rules...

The Rules:
1 Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2 Post the Rules on your blog.
3 Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4 Tag 7 people and link them.
5 Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

7 weird or random facts about me:

1. I am the education coordinator for my primary EGA group which is in Louisiana. (I am in Mississippi).
2. I love to eat crawfish and shrimp, but am allergic to them. (Carry Benadryl with me at all times).
3. I have been to Alaska during the spring.
4. Saw a report about a train wreck in the town where I worked while sitting in an airport in Chicago (on my way home from Alaska; worked was to start back up the next week).
5. My favorite snack is either dark chocolate or Cheetos.
6. I'm not a good housekeeper (I hate to clean).
7. I enjoy doing walk-a-thons but hate to exercise.

Now for the tags:

Well, since Lisha tagged the only other person that I know personally who has a blog, my tag will be you. Since you're reading this blog you are tagged. If you don't have a blog, then post your seven facts as a comment to this blog.

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Busy Week

My goodness what a week it has been. I gave a test Thursday night and had to have midterm grades posted to PeopleSoft by 4 pm Friday. But, it wasn't the test that I gave Thursday that held me up. It was having to read all 150 discussion board replies for the Orientation class that took forever. I submitted all my grades by 3:59 pm with a few seconds to spare.

As far as stitching went, I finished the ornament for my ornament exchange. Again I got my sister Jennifer as a my exchange person. I stitched the Victorian Lace Snowflake by Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor. I got the pattern out of the JCS Christmas Edition 2007 Magazine. I loved working on this one because I worked it like reversible blackwork. Before I put on the beads you couldn't tell which side was the front without really looking. After I added the beads, you could. Not just because of the beads but because of the thread. When I stitch this for myself, I am going to put the beads on as I go instead of last. Jennifer loved it. But, I didn't finish it because she said she would. I'm not big on the finishing. I love to stitch but finishing... I'm learning but it's not so easy.

As far as my Snapperville goes. I have completed the squares. I finished the Town hall on Thursday. I changed the thread used for the building. It called for Harvest Basket. But, Harvest Basket was the same color as the fabric. So instead I used Virginia Beech (which was my substitute for Shaker White). I think it turned out pretty good. It took longer to complete this one because I wasn't concentrating when I started stitching the building. I got my windows out of whack. So, as usual, I had to re-stitch the house.

I started the Stockyard yesterday about 6 pm. I finished it about 1:30 am last night. This is one of the squares that caused me to buy the whole set. I think it is the cutest one of the set. My sister Jennifer already had the one with the cat on the fence and I had the pumpkin patch. When I went to buy the stockyard, Jennifer reminded me that we had the other two. So, I decided why not get the set and stitch them all. Now, all I have to do is stitch the border. Which, Jennifer and I think is what makes the set adorable.

For this set I 26 specialty threads but replace 12 of them with thread I had on hand. For example the borders called for Bark, I used English Ivy. The following are the other 10 exchanges I used (substitute, pattern): Freedom for Deep Sea, Dried Thyme for Kudzu, Arizona Petrified Wood (limited edition) for Barn Grey, Flax for Harvest Basket, Black Coffee for Onyx, Cinnamon for Rust, Gold Leaf for Schneckley, Black Hills for Seaweed, Dark Chocolate for Swamp Water, and Toasted Marshmallow for White Wash.

Now I have the winter snapperland to stitch. I love the chalet and the villa. Also Theresa for Raise the Roof designs is creating an "other side of the tracks" street that I can't wait to stitch. I think it is hilarious.

Today I am going to work and and try to complete the Cherry Hill from Country Cottage Needleworks. Here I also used thread I had on hand. So, I substituted Bramble Bush for Roasted Chestnut, Evergreen for Weeping Willow, and Willow Leaves (limited edition) for Cherry Tomato. The fabric is "Rock-a-Bye" from Silkweaver. (The same fabric I am using for my Christmas fairy.) I thought this was a cute pattern when I bought it. But, the more I stitched it the more I fell in love with the pattern. It is not hard to stitch and the sheep are so cute. I am almost through with it. I had to stop because I ran out of Dandelion Stem for the grass and leaves on the tree. When I finish this one, I am going to get Jen to help me make it into a square. I'm going to put it in my display shelf with my spring decorations. It is so cute.

Well got to go. Thanks for stopping by.