Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HoE Biscornu Exchange

I received my Hooked on Exchanges (HoE) exchange yesterday. It was a wonderful selection for such short notice. My partner had to drop out so the lady who runs the exchange put one together for me.

I am very pleased with my biscornu and goodies. The exchange contained Silkweaver fabric (purple - my favorite), 2 skeins of DMC variation floss, a spring notepad, LK April Flip It pattern, two candle melts (Blue Raspberrytini and Sweet Lilies from old Virginia Candle Company) and a bottle of hand lotion (Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works).

The biscornu was stitched on 32-count Silkweaver solo Lugana using Cresent Color floss. The pattern is Twilight Biscornu by Indigo Rose. It is beautiful. The lady who sent it was surprised how small it turned out. But, I like it and think it is so cute.

Since the lady who was suppose to send to me was the lady to which I would send, I am holding onto my exchange in case someone gets left out. I think my exchange partner (whoever it turns out to be) will be happy. I won't post a picture until I have sent it.

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Carol said...

So glad it is safely there and that you like it! I chose things for you that I knew I would love to get - that formula always works out well ;-) We are close in age, and that made it easier too! (I will email you as soon as I know who you should send to - thanks again for that!)

Becky K in OK said...

What a great exchange. I love the little biscornus. I think they are so cute. Congrats.

Sharon said...

It's a lovely exchange!