Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweet Sister

My sister Bridget got all the ladies in our Red Thread Round Robin a little happy. It consisted of a tin, 2 fat quarters of fabric, a pack of Mary Arden needles, skeins of specialty floss and some Valentine's Candy. Each box contain fabric and floss that matched the personality of the receiver. I got Gentle Arts Blackboard, Ohio Lemon Pie, and Purple Iris. The needles are my favorites. I now only buy Mary Arden needles.

Bridget got us all a gift because she likes to do things like that. She said she did it because she was holding up the round robin but I think she would have done it anyway because it was valentines. So thank you to my sister. I love it.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Exchanges Received

This week I received several of my exchanges. I am a member of the Crazy for Cross Stitch Exchange and the Hooked on Exchanges group. In the Crazy for Cross Stitch Exchange I have joined the Secret Sister Exchange, the Christmas Ornament Exchange, the Postcard Exchange, and the Birthday Floss Exchange.

Right now, the Secret Sister Exchange is behind a couple of months to me. I received my February Exchange for Kathy and I liked everything in the package. The tuck wall hanger is really cute. I also love Lizzie Kate and Bent Creek patterns. I have yet to receive for December and January. I need to check on those again.

I received my February Christmas Ornament Exchange also from Kathy. I really like it. So does my sisters. They were very impressed with the way it was finished. I can't wait to hang it on my tree.

From Hooked on Exchanges, we had a scissor fob exchange. I have previously posted, the one that I sent. So, here is the one that Paula sent to me. Isn't he so cute; I love snowmen. I'm going to start using him today. Because I alway lose my scissors when I'm stitching. I stand up to look for them and boom they fall on the floor. So, now I won't lose them. I also received some goodies from Paula. The chocolate covered mints are divine.

I really enjoy doing the exchanges because I love getting packages in the mail. I now have to go and buy for my person for the February Exchange. It's funny, my sister Jen was my January SS Exchange and now she is my February Christmas Ornament Exchange. I need to go shopping to finish the two exchanges. Soon the Hooked on Exchanges group will be starting a biscornu exchange. I can't wait for that. Of course I have to get busy.

Also, I am a member of Cyberstitchers . The president's challenge is the Artist's Way training. We started this week. We'll see how it goes.