Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boo Trio Part Deaux

I loved the pattern so much that I stitched one for myself. I used the same threads (actually had to buy a couple to finish the project) but I used the cloth I bought for the Mirabillia Halloween Fairy. I think it turned out great. I finished it last night. I went to a scrapbook weekend at the Scrapbook Sisters in Hattiesburg and forgot my photos (so I thought). So, I finished the pattern. I used black beads on mine instead of trying and failing to do french knots. My friends say that the eyes are kind of buggy but cute.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I've been busy stitching

Well I've been working on several projects but I finally decided to drop the rotation, per say. I've decide to try to finish a few projects instead. So... I'm almost finished with beading of the purse. My EGA group started this as a weekend (or two) project. I have 3 rows of flowers left to do. But, I have to wait for my group to send the beads to do the "clusters" around the places where the green beads intersect. I really enjoyed doing the beading but I'm not very good with the beads. I end up popping them across the room. Thank goodness for little nephews (23 months and 3 -1/2 years) who can see the little beads from a mile away, well maybe not that far, but still they can find the beads when I'm in need.

I also got a new "club" project in the mail from Fireside Stitchery. I got the 1st installment for the Patti Mann Halloween Pudgy. I couldn't resist working on it immediately. I finished the moon and started on the cats. It is so cute, I can't wait to finish it.

I also got the July pattern from the Geometric club. It is gorgeous. The colors of the thread are lush greens. I can't wait to stitch it either but I still have bare branches to do first. I must stick to my guns and finish the bare branches first or I'll never finish it.

I worked on the Christmas Fairy for an evening. I'm almost finished with the dress. Since I've recently had a birthday, I've had to get reading glasses to see such a small thread count to stitch. I use to pick on my friends for needing readers to stitch and now I'm in the same boat. That's what I get for being mean to my friends. But the best part is that they aren't that strong only a 1. Back to the pattern, I'm liking working with the over-dyed thread. I like the shadowing that it makes.

As for my other projects, I have somehow lost the fabric for the rainbow birds that I was working on for my mother. I got it out of my bag to show my mother how far along I am. Now I can't find it. I'll find it soon; I hope. That stupid penguin stocking is moving slowly. I will be so glad when I finish it. I haven't worked on Mari's pattern in weeks. I really need to get busy on it. Sunday, I'm going to stitch for an hour or two on each project to see if I can get them moving or finished. I know that your not suppose to stitch on Sunday, but it is not work. Besides that is the one day that I am not running around doing something with my family or friends.

Finally, my sister Jennifer and I went to Shakespeares Peddler's to get the thread to finish the second version of Boo from Trilogy. I plan on finishing it today and posting it tomorrow.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Autumn Leaves

I finished the April installment in the Fireside Stitchery - Geometric Seasonals club. The pattern is called Autumn Leaves. It was a really quick stitch. I would have been finished sooner but I got Harvest Moon, Magical Melodies for my birthday. So, I've been playing on the Nintendo rather than stitching. Today I've been stitching on all my projects. I plan on posting updates on all of them tomorrow.

I also went through all of my patterns, kits, and canvases, I made a catalog of all of theses items. I wanted to be able to see all of my patterns when I needed to add a new project to my rotation. As I have told my friends and family, "My nerd-itis has reared it's ugly head." But, now I can see all of my stuff and chose a new project.