Saturday, April 07, 2007

Christmas Fairy

This is not a hard pattern. It's actually very easy to stitch if you're not me. I did the back and bodice of this fairy three times before I got it right. I had to put it down. I ordered fabric from Silkweaver's specifically for this pattern (It was rock-a-bye). I started this last Friday (March 30th). I worked on it for two days and only got as far as you see here. I had to put it down because I kept messing up. I actually want to finish this but right now I am too aggravated by it.

Celtic Cross by M Designs

I think this one is really beautiful. The hard part for me is to do each x individually. But I'm using Thread Gathers Silk 'n color thread Acorn Woods on some solo fabric from Silkweaver's (that I received from the FOTM club that I joined.) I really like it because you don't have to change the thread every few stitches but I have already made a boo-boo. I moved one stitch to the left and will have to compensate for it when I try to match up the stitched work with the unstitched work. I do not want to pull out all the work that has been done. Not because there has been a lot of work (moderate amount) but because I had to stitch each x individually. That would be a lot of work. Besides, like my mother always says "No project should be perfect, it should always have an error."

Wild West for Mari

My sister-in-law, Mari, saw this and liked it, but Mari is not a fast stitcher. Bridget, my baby sister, volunteered me to stitch it for Mari. Mari like it for Theron (her son). He has a cowboy room. It's should be a quick stitch I've completed half of one of the three large pieces (the other two are a stagecoach and a buffalo). It's not that hard to stitch.

Fireside Stitchery - Summer Sands

I'm about halfway finished with this one. I like the pattern; the colors are not that exciting but they work with the name. I hope to finish this one this weekend because the next one arrived today in the mail (It's called Autumn Leaves).

Fireside Stitchery - Spring Flowers

I really liked this one. It is beautiful. My mother and sister really like it. The stitching wasn't too difficult but the center flower took me several times to get it right. I really like these kits.