Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter Weekend

This was a very busy weekend.  The church had its Youth Activity day.  Our church is a small church.  I am the youth director among other titles.  This year we had rain for our egg hunt.  So while a couple of the mothers hid the eggs in the church.  I read the Easter story to the children that came for the activity.  We let the children hunt for the eggs then had a snack and did a craft.  It was fun for them.

As for my family,  several were very ill and couldn't make it to Mom & Dad's house.  For lunch, my sister-in-law Mari cooked the ham, copper pennies, and gluten-free carrot cake.  My mother made potato salad and a regular yellow cake.  We were going to let the kids hunt for eggs, but..... You guessed it, it rained.  They were off school for Monday.  So, they hunted eggs then instead.

I stitched most of the weekend with a million interruptions.  I finished Stacy Nash's Sisters Three.  I changed the eye color of one of the girls to match my sister Bridget's eyes.  Also, I changed the first row so that all of the letters lined up.  I don't know how I will finish it yet. 

Then I worked on "A Friend's House" by Sisters & Best Friends.  I finished the one hill, the heart, and the road.  I have the second house & hill, the words, and the border left.  It is looking cute.

Monday, I worked on several projects.  I finished one eye on the Curious Owl,  a spool of thread on Tuffet's Cupboard, and several spools of thread on the owls.  I am trying to finish a couple of these projects.  I didn't get a chance to start my new project this month on the 15th but I will this weekend.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sisters, you love 'em even when they aggravate you.

I've been working on Sister Three by Stacy Nash exclusively this week.  I have almost completed it.  Really, I should be finished with it but when I was stitching the leaves along the left side and top, I noticed something was wrong.  Along the top I stitched over one with one stitch that made the rest off for the entire top.  Then I was trying to figure out what else I did wrong when I noticed that I started down one row more than I was supposed to.  So, I ripped out the entire top row.  I am just going to add one more stitch on the left to bring the top up then I will finish it this week.  I only have 17 letters left to stitch and the top row of leaves.  I made some adjustments to the color.  The pattern only called for 3 colors but I am using 5.  One was an oops and the other is the color of my baby sister's eyes.  Other than that I am pretty much following the pattern.

This weekend I will start on my new start for April - World of Color Snapper Series by Bent Creek.  I love Bent Creek Snapper series.  I started with Snapperville.  I have stitched the Summer and Winter Snapper series.  I still want to stitch the Autumn and Spring snapper series.  They are usually quick and easy to do.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

What have I stitched on lately?

A Friend's House
by Sisters & Best Friends
Tuffet's Cupboard
by Just Another Button Company

Well, I haven't done much stitching but here are a few of the things I have been working on this month. On A Friend's House, I have finished the left side house, tree, and hill.  I'm about 45% complete on it.  For Tuffet's Cupboard, I have completed the first pattern and am about 50% complete with the 2nd pattern.  There are 4 patterns total.

Tre civette sul comò
by Madame Chantilly
Sisters Three
by Staci Nash
For the owls, I have completed the owls and am now working on the chest of drawers.  This one has gotten a little boring because of all of the ecru in the chest of drawers.  For the 3 sisters.  I have completed about 40%.  I ran out of the blue thread.  If you look closely the center of the flowers are the wrong color; I pulled the wrong color.  They are suppose to match the apron on the dress.  But the apron color on the dress blends into the fabric.  So I left the centers as they are.  But, that color is also supposed to be the flesh color.  So I think I'm going to change flesh color to DMC 754.  We'll see.

My parents are doing better (Dad had the stroke in February and Mom fractured her pelvis in March).  My brothers and sisters and I are taking turns staying with them.  It's hard on all of us, my parents included, but it is what you do for the people you love.

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Stonehenge & Bath

Oh my goodness, the day we visited Stonehenge and Bath was my favorite day.  I love Stonehenge.  I drained the battery on my camera taking pictures from all angles.

Shuttle to Stonehenge
Stonehenge from the back

After Stonehenge, we went to to the city of Bath.  We toured Bath Abbey with the angels climbing Jacob's Ladder.  It was amazingly beautiful.

Bath Abbey

 Then the Roman Bath's and the museum that contained a lot of ancient stone works.
The Roman Bath
We then had a proper tea at the  Pump Room.  I really enjoyed the scones, and the sandwiches, and desserts.  I didn't enjoy the caviar.  I gave it away.
Full tea at the Pump Room
On our last day in London, we toured Westminster Abbey and did a Harry Potter walking tour.  Westminster Abbey was an amazing place with ancient sarcophagus.  We weren't allowed to take pictures inside.  I got to see the grave of Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Mary Queen of Scot, and many more.
Westminster Abbey
A sign outside the Abbey
the other sign at the entrance
the site of The Leaky Cauldron

Our tour guide

site of Harry & Mr. Weasley go to Ministry of Magic
also, where Harry, Hermione, & Ron used Polyjuice Potion to
enter Ministry of Magic

Another shot of area & tour guide

setting for Knockturn Alley
setting for Diagon Alley
We had a great time.  I am so glad that I went.  Next school year we are going to New York.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Edinburgh was an incredible time

So, we left London at 8am on a train (my first).  The train trip was great.  I enjoyed the countryside.
Once we got there, we were nearly blown away by the wind,  We walked to our hotel to check in;  the Holiday Inn express which had larger rooms than in London.  We spent the rest of the day shopping along the Royal Mile.  We ate lunch at the Whiski.  I didn't order but did eat haggis.  It wasn't good.  I thought it would taste really bad, but it didn't.

We spent the second day visiting attractions.  We walked from our hotel to Edinburgh Castle.  It was amazing.  I didn't get to spend as much time there as I wanted but I was happy to see such an ancient place.  Then we walked to Holyrood Palace. Holyrood had an audio tour which I enjoyed.  I wish I could have taken some pictures but they didn't allow it.  We left at around 4:30 to go back to London.  I wish we could have stayed another day and saw more of Edinburgh than just the Royal Mile.
Edinburgh Castle

Holyrood Palace
 Next Stonehenge & Bath.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break - London & Edinburgh

I went on my first international trip this month.  We flew from New Orleans, LA to Newark, NJ then to London.  We left Newark at 6:30 pm and arrived in London at 6:20 am.  We dropped our bags at the hotel and hit the town.  We stayed up all day and went to the London Tower to see the crown jewels, the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey (which was closed), then back to the hotel to freshen up before going to Piccadilly Circus for supper.
fish n chips before touring the Tower of London
The Tower Bridge

Big Ben
Westminster Abbey

Resting on the tube back to hotel

Piccadilly Circus
The second day, we went to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard.  Where I stood were some rude people who put their children on the fence so no one could see (their kids could see over the brick area of the fence).  I recorded it and watched what I could, then over to Churchill's War Museum.  Then we went to Trafalgar Square.  I went to the National Art Museum.  I only got to see half of it but I loved what I saw.  After supper, we went to King's Cross Station to have our picture taken at Platform 9-3/4.

Buckingham Palace

Churchill's War Museum

National Art Museum

Some of the art that I liked

Some of the art that I liked

Oops, I didn't make it on the Platform

 Monday was not a very good day.  We didn't plan well; hindsight is 20/20.  We had the boat tour on the Thames River, walked from the Tower Bridge to Shakespeare's Globe Theater (could tour because play for local schools was being presented.  So went to the museum.  Walked from there to the London Dungeon's Tour (great tour) and then the London Eye (awesome view).  We ate supper at Harrod's (I ate in the Tea Room with Rudy).

Model of Shakespear's Globe

View from the London Eye


Fish Pie at Harrod's Tea Room.  Yummy

 Tomorrow I will post about the Scotland portion of our trip.  I have to leave.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pre Spring Break

Well last weekend and this week I have been preparing for my first international trip.  I am going to London and Edinburgh next week during my spring break.  I am very excited and nervous.  I have traveled within the United States by airplane and automobile.  But, this is my first foray across the ocean.  It will also be my first train trip (from London to Edinburgh and back).  I have been gathering all the things that I need.  I plan to pack everything on Thursday.  The only bad thing about this trip is that I have to get up at 4:00 am on Friday to meet the group at 5:15am to travel to the airport.  I don't do well with getting up early.  Other than that, I think I am good.

So what did I work on this weekend and this week.  I stitched a little bit on Tre civette sul comò by Madame Chantilly and Tuffet's Cupboard.  But I didn't complete very much.  I didn't work very long on either one.  Next week I won't be stitching much either because of the trip.

I will post pictures.


Mardi Gras Week

This week has been a rough week.  My father came home from the hospital.  Because of his stroke, I have been staying with my parents at night.  Thank God it was Mardi Gras holidays.  I was able to stay night and day with them through the weekend and for Monday & Tuesday.  My brothers and sisters an sister-in-law stepped up and covered Wednesday and Thursday during the day.  I have been preparing for my first international trip to London.  So I crocheted myself a hat and cowl.  It was supposed to be a scarf but I didn't have enough yarn. I actually crocheted this hat with a scarf for my cousin Kathy.  She really liked it.  So, did I.  Hence, I made one for me.

Also this week I finished my part of the Halloween Rules, Eat Candy & Visit a Haunted House, on Bridget's.  This month and next I will work on Jennifer's Halloween Rules.  I had to make a few changes to the colors because they didn't match or they blended in with the color of the fabric.  I am really enjoying this Round Robin with my sisters.

 Next I have to work on the Jennifer's.  The patterns are Scare a Crow and Carve a Pumpkin.  It is really quick and easy.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President's Day Weekend

Well,  I didn't stitch much this last week.  I have had some family issues where I wasn't able to get to my stitching.  But, I wanted to post so that I will keep to a schedule.

This Sunday, my stitching group got together to stitch.  Each month we are having some sort of exchange.  January was favorite tool.  This month was Valentine's candy.  We had a great time.  I gave Laffy Taffy, Starburst, and Fun Dip.  Next month we have decided to make a group charm bracelet.  Each person is to go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's and get a charm bracelet for ourselves and a charm for each person in the group that represent the person giving the charm.  I think this is going to be fun.

Also, my new start this month will Curious Owl by Art to Heart from JABC.  I bought this at the Silver Needle stitching retreat a couple of years ago.  I saw this in my stash and thought, why not.  I thin it will be cute.

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