Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Recent Progress on the Fairy

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I have been having a rough time. For those who know me, Midnight (my cat) finally lost her battle with lymphoma (or so we think). She passed away on the 17th. Before that she also had to have one of her eyeballs removed. So as you can see I haven't been stitching much. I started back on the fairy this weekend. I finished the bottom part of the fairy and the body. I still have to do the wings, her head, and the beading. I'm am also working on the EGA sampler. I will post my progress on the sampler later today.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Purple Fabrege Egg

Well, I finally finished the egg. I started it in March and finished it tonight. I really like it. Most of the egg is done with the continential stitch but I used metallics and petite very velvet. I bought two different red bead to decide which one I liked. But, I finally decided to use both. My mother really likes it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Purple Fabrege Egg

This is a needlepoint Faberge' egg by Lee Designs. I bought this egg back in March to do. I was going to a Math Conference in Florida when I realized I had forgotten my sewing at home. I stopped by Elegant Needle and picked it up. I worked on it for a while but got sidetracked with moving. My mother saw it and decided that she liked it. So, I'm going to finish it for her. I did the purples in petite very velvet and the reds in metalic (rhodes stitches & an eyelet stitch). All I have left to do is finish the red diamond, put red beads in the rounded "jewels" and then the gold work.

Fairy Update

Well I've spent the last week cataloguing all of my stitching supplies instead of stitching. So, I haven't finished the fairy. But, I have made some progress. My sister Jennifer has finished the fairy already. Her's looks great. I hope mine turns out as great. Well, I hope I finish it this week.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gobble Gobble

I just finished this pattern from Hob Nobb Designs. It's was a very easy stitch requiring only two colors and two stitches (cross & rhodes stitch). The best part about it is the cute turkey button. I really like these Hob Nobb Designs they are great for carrying in your purse and working on while waiting.

Frankie Stein

This is a quick little project from Hob Nobb Designs. The style is called Doodles for Leftovers. I stitched on this while staying with Sharon Vercher in July. Vercher suggested that I expand on the original design by bordering the picture with the orange, purple, and green. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Halloween Fairy

I started working on the Mirabillia Halloween Fairy. It's looking beautiful on the hand-dyed linen I ordered from The pattern calls for all hand-dyed threads. So, far it is an easy stitch. I've only had to pull out my work once. I will post updated pictures as I work on it.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sunflower Tramme

I have finished the tramme that Edie gave me. It turned out beautiful. I plan on making it a pillow in the near future. Keep stitching.