Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stitching Weekend and Finished Projects

Well, I finished my dad's afghan at the end of November. The pattern had rows that repeated. It looks like it would not be warm but it is very warm. I think he will love it. I also bought him the movie "The Pathfinder" with Karl Urban. As far as the other afghans are going. I should finish Tim's afghan by Christmas, but Ricky and Hobbie's afghans will be boxes of yarn under the tree.

Now this weekend, Lisha, Teresa, Jennifer, Bridget, and I got together at a different home each day to stitch. Friday, the first day, we stitched at Jennifer's house. I crocheted on Tim's afghan for a couple of hours. Then I worked on my ornament for the ornament exchange we had today. I stitched "Gift" from Lizzie Kate, then I stitched on the border for Bent Creek's Red Thread Series. When I got home, my nephews Theron and Tucker wanted to spend the night. So I let them. I thought they would want to help decorate the tree. Well, they didn't rather they wanted to play Pikmin on the Wii.
Saturday we started at 1:00 at Teresa's. Again, I worked on the afghan and finished what you see above on the border. Now I have the right side of the border and the words. I decided to do the words in a dark red. Then I worked on another Round Robin that needed finishing. The pattern is "Victorian Bear Stocking" a part of Designs for the Needle's Christmas Tradition. The pattern was completed in the round robin but the back-stitching is the thing that needs to be finished. The pattern is hard to follow for the back-stitching because they use two very similar reds to show back-stitching with different color thread. I didn't stitch a lot of back-stitching.

When I got home, my brother Ricky asked me to keep Leif, his son. Leif is 10-months old and fighting the urge to sleep. He is adorable and we finally got to bed at 11:30.
Today, I worked on "Fall Crazy" by Lizzie Kate. I had already stitched the body of the turkey. I stitched on the is one a long time. Then I switched to the Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long by Ink Circles. I worked on the border and one of the squares.

Fall Crazy

We did an ornament exchange. As I said, I stitched "Gifts" from Lizzie Kate. I got in the exchange the snowman. Which is perfect since snowmen are my favorite.
Jennifer stitched "Cookies" which Teresa got, Lisha stitched the snowman which I got, Teresa stitched the Noel which Bridget got, and Bridget brought the wreath of bells which Lisha got and Jennifer got my ornament.

Tonight I am home alone. No one is spending the night (other than the dog). I am ready for bed. My mother and I are going "combat" Christmas shopping in the morning.

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