Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last night

So, last night I started on my stitching rotation. Monday and Tuesday I was working on my exchanges and round robins. I spent two hours on Miriabilia's Christmas Fairy. All I finished were her boots. I have her wings, face, hands, and the Christmas Tree to go. Oh, and a little on her skirt. I really should be ashamed of myself that this is still a WIP. I started it March 30, 2007. It has been almost two years, but I have trouble seeing 32-count. And am refusing to by the magnifier (as of right now). I hope to finish this one soon.

I knitted on the baby blanket for Bridget, also. I completed one set of blocks and have 11 more sets to go. That is 110 stitches by 10 for each set of blocks. I hope to have it done by her C-section date of the 4th of February. I will be cutting it close. Then I have to work on the one for Mari, whose due date is the 21st of February, along with a round robin, my rotation schedule, and an exchange. When it comes to stitching, I will be busy for the next month.

As for my reading, I have read 3 of the 19 chapters of the Hobbit. I have been very bad and not reading. My sister Jen decide to read along with me. She started on January 1st or 2nd like we were suppose to be and is almost through with the book. I need to hurry up because we are reading The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings.

Well got to go. My nephew needs help with Mario Party for the DS.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stitching Rotation

Well, I decided today to set up a stitching rotation. I have several projects that I need to get complete. Why? Because I have been working on them for y-e-a-r-s. Also, I am not letting myself start a new project until I finish at least one of them. I plan on knitting everyday, especially since one of the babies will be born on the 4th of February. Also, weekends will be for ornaments and whatever else I want to stitch. Also, I decided to join in with a group doing art and journaling to answer a question each week. This weekend I plan on getting caught up on everything.

Still haven't found a job but am optimistic. I applied for several full-time positions but also applied with Kelly Temporary Services. I think I will be working soon.

Well got to go finish a project. Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Knit or crochet?

As you know, I am knitting on two different baby blankets. Well, I decided to work on a quick lap afghan in the middle. I found a free pattern from Red Heart at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. It called for 16 oz. of Claret. The funny thing was that I pulled my yarn from my shelf before I read the direction. The yarn that I pulled was the yarn recommended. Actually, you are suppose to use a jumbo pack of 16 oz. so that you only tie off at the end. I used 2 8-oz skeins instead. (That shows you how old the yarn is, they now come in 7-oz skeins). Well it took me two evening to finish it but it is beautiful.

Now I have two exchanges, a round robin, and two afghans left to do by February. Actually the two exchanges are due next week. I'm going to work on them this weekend.

Also, I finished reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It was an easy read with an interesting topic. Now I want to go see the movie (if it is still at the theater). Next, The Hobbitt by J.R. Tolken. I have started it, but have only read the first chapter.

Well, thanks for dropping by. I hope to post more often.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's going on?

Well, I took up knitting again. My sister and sister-in-law are both due in February. So, I decided to knit a baby blanket for each. Since it had been a while since I knitted the last blanket, I decided to knit a dishcloth. It was a good thing that I did it first. Got all the oops! out of the way (for the most part). Right now I have knitted the first 26 rows for both blankets. I have to repeat the last 20 rows until the blanket reaches 36 inches then 6 rows later of the knit stitch only and I will be finished. One is in honeydew green and the other is in sunshine print. I also started an crocheted lap throw that will be finished today (I'll post it tomorrow.) At the same time I have two exchanges due out next week: HoE Lizzie Kate and HoE Valentines.

But the worst part of the whole week was..... I have to find a job. Where I was working (a community college) they cut me back to one class this semester. I have been working as an instructor at community colleges and universities for the past 13-1/2 years. It is very hard to find a job outside of education. I have put in applications at the local hospitals and clinics, hobby shops, bookstores, temporary worker services, and banks. I have to go be fingerprinted to be considered for substitute at the local area schools. I am a little worried but the lord will provide. (In church this week the pastor's wife read a story about Mr. Buzzard and Mr. Hawk discussing breakfast and religion. And Mr. Buzzard's comment was the Lord will provide.) So I am trying to be optimistic.

Also I registered for classes at UNO. I hope to finish my degree this semester. I really need to finish it this semester. The amount of money that I have put out for this will never be recomped once I finished. I really don't know if it was financially worth it. I know for my self it has value but moneywise not really.

This week has been a rough week. After tomorrow night, I think I will just let it all go and stitch until I can't stitch anymore.

Well, sorry for complaining. I am going to be optimistic. Like Mr. Buzzard said "The Lord will provide." I must have patience.
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Saturday, January 03, 2009

First Finish of the Year

Yeah, I finished one!!! This is Bent Creek's Thankful from the Red Thread Series. I started it before the new year but I had to get some thread from Bridget (the owner of this one) to finish it. As of the 1st of January I had stitched the box and the word thankful. On the 1st I finished the tablecloth and turkey plate. Last night, the 2nd, I finished stitching the turkey. Now all I have to do on my Red Thread is the border and the words. I will post a picture when I finish it (some time later).

Today I am going to work on the Rainbow Birds for my mother. I have been working on this one for about 3 years. I plan on finishing it next. My goal this year is to finish all started projects first. Then only work on 2 cross stitch projects and 1 needlepoint at a time.

Also, since my sister and my sister-in-law are pregnant and due at the beginning of February, I need to knit two baby blankets. I think I will go get the yarn today and start on them.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Goals

Okay, so my family loves to pick on me about being a data collector (well I am a mathematician). I wrote down my 10 Goals for 2009. I also decided that I was going to read a book a month from the list of "100 books you must read before you die". So here are my goals for 2009

1. Defend dissertation proposal.
2. Defend dissertation.
3. Drop 2 dress sizes.
4. Get a full time job.
5. Be more sociable/ Go out more.
6. Bring lunch to work and eat healthy.
7. Start & stick to an exercise routine.
8. Clean and organize my house.
9. Stick to a budget & pay off debt.
10. Complete all started stitching projects.

As for the books I plan to read The Hobbit, and the Lord of the Ring Series during January through April.

I counted the number of patterns that I stitched last year (38). So my goal this year will be 40.

Well thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your interest.