Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last night

So, last night I started on my stitching rotation. Monday and Tuesday I was working on my exchanges and round robins. I spent two hours on Miriabilia's Christmas Fairy. All I finished were her boots. I have her wings, face, hands, and the Christmas Tree to go. Oh, and a little on her skirt. I really should be ashamed of myself that this is still a WIP. I started it March 30, 2007. It has been almost two years, but I have trouble seeing 32-count. And am refusing to by the magnifier (as of right now). I hope to finish this one soon.

I knitted on the baby blanket for Bridget, also. I completed one set of blocks and have 11 more sets to go. That is 110 stitches by 10 for each set of blocks. I hope to have it done by her C-section date of the 4th of February. I will be cutting it close. Then I have to work on the one for Mari, whose due date is the 21st of February, along with a round robin, my rotation schedule, and an exchange. When it comes to stitching, I will be busy for the next month.

As for my reading, I have read 3 of the 19 chapters of the Hobbit. I have been very bad and not reading. My sister Jen decide to read along with me. She started on January 1st or 2nd like we were suppose to be and is almost through with the book. I need to hurry up because we are reading The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings.

Well got to go. My nephew needs help with Mario Party for the DS.

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Jen said...

And I am almost finished with the Hobbit.

Carolyn said...

Oh, she's looking so pretty! I just love the color of the fabric you're using. Gorgeous!

Wow, lots to get done soon, huh? You'll do it. Sounds like your rotation is working for you. I REALLY need to set one up. I have so many WIPS that are slowly but surely becoming UFOs. :(

Lynn B said...

Looks absolutely lovely!