Friday, January 16, 2009

Knit or crochet?

As you know, I am knitting on two different baby blankets. Well, I decided to work on a quick lap afghan in the middle. I found a free pattern from Red Heart at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. It called for 16 oz. of Claret. The funny thing was that I pulled my yarn from my shelf before I read the direction. The yarn that I pulled was the yarn recommended. Actually, you are suppose to use a jumbo pack of 16 oz. so that you only tie off at the end. I used 2 8-oz skeins instead. (That shows you how old the yarn is, they now come in 7-oz skeins). Well it took me two evening to finish it but it is beautiful.

Now I have two exchanges, a round robin, and two afghans left to do by February. Actually the two exchanges are due next week. I'm going to work on them this weekend.

Also, I finished reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It was an easy read with an interesting topic. Now I want to go see the movie (if it is still at the theater). Next, The Hobbitt by J.R. Tolken. I have started it, but have only read the first chapter.

Well, thanks for dropping by. I hope to post more often.



Shelleen said...

I just finished listening to Twilight and I enjoyed it. Am now listening to the next book.

Jen said...

I didn't know you had finished already. That was quick.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

I see you knit too - I love it! My favorite for baby blankets is the Reversible two color knitting - I have two of the patterns, but haven't found a copy of the book for under $100. Not even on e-bay. It's extremely easy, makes you look very clever, and looks good from both sides. Jane Neighbors wrote the book in the 70's, I think.