Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Hippo & other amigurumi

Here is a hippo, from the Easy Crochet Critters book, that my cousin Liz wanted.  I almost finished him in one evening.  I ran out of stuffing, so I had to finish him the next day on February 4th.  I think he is cute.  Now she has me doing 2 more for her coworkers.  I will post pictures when I finish them.

Also, I had finished these on Finished August 5, 2011 but didn't post them. 

 This puppy was for my nephew Nicholas.  He like it but he was too cool to acknowledge that he liked it.

This penguin (free pattern from Lions Brand) was for my nephew Theron.  He was so excited about this one.  He carried it around all day.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 6 & 7 Art Journal


Here is week 6 and 7.  Week 6's question was "Your Initial".  I found a very pretty S and, of course, a cute owl for this one.  I then wrote all the positive words that I could think of that began with the letter S.  I had fun with this one; and it was quick.

Week 7's question was "Love, Love, Love".  At the moment the loves of my life are my nephews and niece.  So, I made this card with 7 flowers (one for each child) and then decorated them differently.  I think it is beautiful.

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Quaker Bat & Orange Sunflowers

Whoo Hoo!! I have finished another project on my list.  I finished the Quaker Bat on Thursday night and Friday morning.  I should have finished it sooner but I ran out of thread.  I started stitching this pattern using Olde Willow Stitchery's Dracula's Cape.  But, I had two skeins from different dye lots.  So, I used a strand from each to stitch the pattern.  I finished the head and the wings before I ran out of one skein.  I started on the lower body and ran out of the 2nd skein.  I have to go to Shakespeare's Peddler and ask Theresa to help me find a close match to finish it.  Well, we choose Galvanized from Weeks Dye Works.  I think we did a great job of matching the previous thread.  The pattern was stitched on Silkweaker's Rock Quarry 28-ct.

Now I want to finish the pattern as  a standup.  I will have to do a little research before I start.

On February 10th, Jennifer, Bridget, Theresa, Mari, Ricky, Dr. Jones, Joree and I went to painting with a Twist to do the Orange sunflowers.  We had a great time except for the fact that our supper- Mexican - took over 2-1/2 hours to eat & pay.  I really didn't like my stems but I like them okay now.  I hope we do this again soon.

For the rest of today I will be crocheting on Hobbie, Michelle, Patrick, and Tucker's projects.  I hope to finish all of them this weekend (my 4-day weekend).

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Week 4 & 5 Art Attempts

 Sorry for the delay in posting.  I am truly trying to post weekly but as you know life tends to get in the way. Week 4's question is "What are you proud of?"  Well at the moment I am most proud of my artwork.  I drew Grumpy while at Disney World in October.  I finally got it framed and hung it in my living room.  The other was my painting of the Metal Chicken: Rhinna from Painting with a Twist.  It now hangs on the wall in my kitchen.

Week 5's question is "What is powerful to you?".  I decided to do a computer generated collage.  The background is a clipart picture of the Bible, a cross, and an Easter Lily.  I then used a picture of my mother and me, a picture of Liz and me, and a clipart of praying hands.  I then used text boxes to insert the words: Love, Prayer, Friendship, and Faith.

I am having a great time with these art projects.  Sometimes it feels more like scrapbooking but I am having fun.

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