Friday, May 06, 2011

Isn't it Beautiful? Aren't They Cute?

This is the Lollipop Quilt wall hanging that my sisters and our friend Lisha decided to work on as a group.  I really like the idea of the project.  But, I spent most of my time cursing the sewing machine or being very aggravated.  Jennifer did the Halloween one and this one.  Her's turned out beautifully.  Mine looks good but I don't think I will do a big one like this again.  I have two small wall hangs that are from the fall.  I finished this one a couple of weeks ago but have only been able to post tonight.
Monkey & Hippo

Owl (my sister say Vulture) and a red Hippo
I have started crocheting animals (aka amigurumi).  I have completed two hippos, one for Leif (the purple one) and one for Tyler (the red one), an alligator for Liz, and the owl/vulture for me.  I am working on a pink hippo and a green walrus for my sisters Bridget and Jennifer respectively.  The hippos, aligator, and monkey are from the Easy Crochet Critters book.  The owl is from a Coats & Clark freebie pattern.

The other project that I have finished is the Turkey Dressing by Raise the Roof Designs.  I have to put the buttons on it tomorrow.  So, I will post a picture of it then.  I am making progress in my 22 project challenge.

About a month ago, Jennifer and I went to Michael's and bought these beautiful storage boxes.  I used mine to store most of my 22 projects.  Well I went back and found another box that I loved that was bigger.  So I got it; justifying the purchase as needing a place to store my finished stitching in until framing.  I had to clean out my cabinets and my mother's drawers to find my finished projects.  I just about filled it up with completed stitch projects.  Now I'm having to decide how to finish these projects.

Well got to go.  Thanks for stopping by.