Monday, November 24, 2008

Exchanges Sent and Received

Harvest Ornament Exchange

Terry has received her Harvest Ornament Exchange. The pattern I used was Trail Creek Farm's "Awesome In My Autumn". I use stitched the leaves and the pumpkin. I put seed beads around the edge and used them to make the hanger. Terry really liked the ornament. I really liked the pattern and can't wait to stitch it for myself.

Christmas Ornament Exchange for Hooked on Exchange

My Partner has received her exchange. I stitched a snowman from Sisters and Best Friends "Buddies" on Silkweaver Fabric. I received my exchange today. Shelleen used an unusual tin to frame the stitched project. I think it is really cute.

Floss Tag Exchange

Cathy Boyd received her exchange from me on the 11th. She liked it. I stitched the pattern "My Street" from Floss Box. I stitched it on silkweaver fabric.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

This weeks activities

This week has been a very busy week. First Monday was Bunko night. I was the hostess but since my place is very small, Theresa (a member of the group) offered her home to me. I brought my cousin Liz along to fill in a place. Well, she filled in a spot but she also knows how I cook (not so well). So, she cooked the shrimp ettoufee (I cut up all the vegetables and cooked the rice). I made "Cajun Caviar", a wonderful dip, for an appetizer and "Pig Pickin' Cake" for desert. (I think the "Pig Pickin' Cake" may also be called mandarian orange cake??). Well the food was a success and everyone had fun. Then of course Tuesday was election day. I did my civic duty.

Now I posted previously that I had "lost" my floss tag exchange. Well, my mother found it on the dining table in some papers on Friday afternoon. I finished it last night and mailed it today. When the new owner receives the package, I will post a picture of it.

I received my Floss Tag exchange from Shay T. I think the floss tag is beautiful. At first, I did not notice the daisy. All I saw was the S which is wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised when I was showing it to my sister and mother to find the daisy. I loved all the goodies that came with the floss tag, sunflower facbric, linen, silk threads, buttons beads and Just Nan's - Blitzen Glistens! ornament. Everything was wonderful. The threads, beads, and buttons are perfect together. I will have to find a project to used them. Thank you Shay for such a wonderful exchange.

I also received my Harvest Ornament from Terry P in the All Seasons Ornament Exchange. She did beautiful work. She must have wonderful eyes because it was stitched on 40 count. It is wonderful. When I mail mine to her and find out she has received it, then I will post a picture.

Well got to go. I am organizing the fall festival at my church and have to get things ready.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Group 10 Round Robin 2nd Mailing

I've finished stitching on Diane's Round Robin. It was pretty easy once I realized that it called for 3 threads instead of 2. So I had to frog my part and re-stitch it. I think it is really cute. I would have done the backstitching but did not have the color chart to do so. I will be mailing it on to Georgena tomorrow afternoon.

On a different note, I have an exchange that was suppose to go out on Monday. But, my nephew whose 5 has either hidden it or I have lost it. He said he put it in Maw Maw's basket but we can't find it. I have everything ready to go but the exchange piece. I hope to find it tomorrow or restitch it tomorrow. That will teach me to leave my stitching just laying around.

Well got to go. Thanks for stopping by.