Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finishes in More Ways than One

Well, let's see, what has happened in the last month? Well..... We had Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom and Dad's. As usual, the food was totally edible, the company was comforting. Then the semester ended with a flurry of snow. We had finals from Tuesday through Friday but had to continue on Monday due to snow. On Thursday it snowed until noon and laid on the ground for two days (very unusual). My nephew Theron and I played in the snow and made a snowman, then went in to eat breakfast. When we came back out you could not tell that we had been in the snow. We had a great time.

During final exam week, I wanted to finish a project a day. Well, I did good for the first two days but the rest of the week I crocheted on an afghan but ran out of yarn. Mind you, it is yarn you can no longer buy in the store, Plum Heather by Red Heart. I need about two skeins to finish and make the fringe. Well, I will keep looking for it. As for the project they are:

The Wreath from Red Thread. I stitched it on Mari's fabric. She changed the colors to go with her fabric, of course. She is very good at choosing colors. Now I have to finish the Thanksgiving one on Bridget's. I plan on working on it tomorrow when I go to Jennifer's to stitch at 2:30. As for my Red Thread, the boxes are complete but I still have to stitch the border and words.

The second thing that I finished last week was the ABRR Group 10 Round 3. It was for Casey Carroll. Her round robin was Valerie Pfeiffer's Chorus Line. I stitched the last little birdie on the right side. It was so quick and so cute. I hope she likes it.

Today, Jennifer and I finished stockings. Actually, Jennifer finished both stockings. For my stocking she stitched the liner to the stocking at the top first. She then stitched the stocking and liners together leaving a hole at the toe in the liner section. She turned the stocking inside out and instead of hand stitching the liner toe shut, she stitched the toe shut. I really thought it was a good idea since no one would be looking at the toe of the liner. I really didn't want to hand stitch the toe shut. I am very happy with my stocking that has been in the stitching phase for at least 14 years. As soon as I got home, I hung my wonderful stocking. I am so happy.

Right now I have 3 round robins to work on, One is the Red Thread, the other is a horse and rider, and the last one is Woodland Babes. The last two are both for Rhonda. I hope to finish the horses soon. The Woodland Babes aren't due to be finished until January.

Well, I'm off to stitch. I hope to post a completed project soon. Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Exchanges Sent and Received

Harvest Ornament Exchange

Terry has received her Harvest Ornament Exchange. The pattern I used was Trail Creek Farm's "Awesome In My Autumn". I use stitched the leaves and the pumpkin. I put seed beads around the edge and used them to make the hanger. Terry really liked the ornament. I really liked the pattern and can't wait to stitch it for myself.

Christmas Ornament Exchange for Hooked on Exchange

My Partner has received her exchange. I stitched a snowman from Sisters and Best Friends "Buddies" on Silkweaver Fabric. I received my exchange today. Shelleen used an unusual tin to frame the stitched project. I think it is really cute.

Floss Tag Exchange

Cathy Boyd received her exchange from me on the 11th. She liked it. I stitched the pattern "My Street" from Floss Box. I stitched it on silkweaver fabric.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

This weeks activities

This week has been a very busy week. First Monday was Bunko night. I was the hostess but since my place is very small, Theresa (a member of the group) offered her home to me. I brought my cousin Liz along to fill in a place. Well, she filled in a spot but she also knows how I cook (not so well). So, she cooked the shrimp ettoufee (I cut up all the vegetables and cooked the rice). I made "Cajun Caviar", a wonderful dip, for an appetizer and "Pig Pickin' Cake" for desert. (I think the "Pig Pickin' Cake" may also be called mandarian orange cake??). Well the food was a success and everyone had fun. Then of course Tuesday was election day. I did my civic duty.

Now I posted previously that I had "lost" my floss tag exchange. Well, my mother found it on the dining table in some papers on Friday afternoon. I finished it last night and mailed it today. When the new owner receives the package, I will post a picture of it.

I received my Floss Tag exchange from Shay T. I think the floss tag is beautiful. At first, I did not notice the daisy. All I saw was the S which is wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised when I was showing it to my sister and mother to find the daisy. I loved all the goodies that came with the floss tag, sunflower facbric, linen, silk threads, buttons beads and Just Nan's - Blitzen Glistens! ornament. Everything was wonderful. The threads, beads, and buttons are perfect together. I will have to find a project to used them. Thank you Shay for such a wonderful exchange.

I also received my Harvest Ornament from Terry P in the All Seasons Ornament Exchange. She did beautiful work. She must have wonderful eyes because it was stitched on 40 count. It is wonderful. When I mail mine to her and find out she has received it, then I will post a picture.

Well got to go. I am organizing the fall festival at my church and have to get things ready.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Group 10 Round Robin 2nd Mailing

I've finished stitching on Diane's Round Robin. It was pretty easy once I realized that it called for 3 threads instead of 2. So I had to frog my part and re-stitch it. I think it is really cute. I would have done the backstitching but did not have the color chart to do so. I will be mailing it on to Georgena tomorrow afternoon.

On a different note, I have an exchange that was suppose to go out on Monday. But, my nephew whose 5 has either hidden it or I have lost it. He said he put it in Maw Maw's basket but we can't find it. I have everything ready to go but the exchange piece. I hope to find it tomorrow or restitch it tomorrow. That will teach me to leave my stitching just laying around.

Well got to go. Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Celtic Knot Biscornu

I found a Celtic knot pattern that I stitched in 2002. I had stitched it white on green and then green on white. I had planned on framing them and putting them in my hallway. But, I never could find frames that looked good with them.

Well in May, my EGA group (Stitching Magnolias) wanted me to bring some projects to the meeting to show people how to finish their projects. At the same time they were finishing up a biscornu. So, I decided to finish these as a biscornu.

I haven't decided what buttons to use. My sister, Jennifer, says to use gold buttons. I think she is right. Now I have to find some gold buttons. I am really happy that I have found a way to make these patterns useful. I'm also thinking of putting beads around the edge. Well, I will let you know when I decide.

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HoE Halloween Exchange

I received my exchange on Thursday of this week. It came all the way from Malaysia. My exchange partner was Lillie. I really loved everything that I got in my package. I was so excited to see it in the mail. It was well worth the wait since it traveled a long way.

I got a Halloween floss tag. The pattern is a Barbara Ana Design. Also in the package were some purple ribbon, my favorite color, some DMC floss, and a yellow pillow pin cushion. Lillie also sent an S charm, a ghost paper clip, a postcard, and a Lizzie Kate Pattern - Bless Our home.

But the cutest things, besides the floss tag were the owl buttons. I like owls and these buttons were soooo cute. Very wise owls. I am very happy.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope to start posting regularly again soon.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Halloween Exchange Received

My exchange partner, Terry, received her package. I stitched the witch off Prairie School's Harvest Time. I used DMC 3371 for the witch and Golden Star for the moon and stars. I finished it as a needlebook. I tried to put a pocket inside but I made it too small. I had a great time stitching this. Terry enjoyed her package. I sent a pair of scissors that were Autumn colored, needles, two quarters of Halloween Fabric, and 4 skeins of thread that are Halloween named (R.I.P. Purple, Drop Dead Red, Frankenstein, and Enchanted Pumpkin) from Olde Willow Stitchery.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Group 10 Round Robin Round 1

I choose to do a Christmas pattern for this go around. I decided to do the Victorian Bear Stocking by Designs for the Needle. Since our group contains 6 people, I cut the pattern into six pieces. The person who does the upper left corner will probably stitch the most. I had to change the color of the border because the pattern called for 498 but there wasn't enough and way too much 221. So for the stocking all the stitch colors will remain the same but the border will be done in 221.

Right now I have two round robins I am working on, besides the one that I sent out with round 8, and am expecting another.

I joined a new exchange group. I decide to join the All Seasons Ornament Exchange for a little more fun. I am participating in the Harvest Ornament Exchange. I already have an idea of what I want to stitch. I can't wait to finish it.

Right now I am working on getting my dissertation proposal ready for submission. I am so tired of working on it, but I need to finish it.

Well got to go and fill out the attendance audit sheets for work and send chapter 1 of the proposal to Dr. G.

Thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

My First Round Robin

This is the first project that I stitched in a round robin. It was a 1994 kit from Carousel Crafts. The kit is called "All Season" by Patsy Moore. The group started out as a group of six but two people dropped out. So, I stitched two pieces of the pattern. The project was stitched on the blue Aida fabric that was provided in the kit using DMC floss. I chose not to stitch the words on the pattern. I plan on making it a cube otherwise I will frame it.

I appreciate all the work that the ladies did on this project.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Red Thread - County Fair

Last night I started on this. I should have finished it weeks ago but I've been really busy working on my dissertation proposal. As you can see I changed the pattern a bit. I replaced the pig with a sheep. I like sheep better. This is a sheep from one of the Little House Needlework patterns. I think I did a good job considering I was watching Supernatural and stitching at two in the morning. We only have 3 squares left to stitch. Most everyone else has already completed the border but I haven't. I've done about a fourth of it, maybe.

Right now I want to start a new project so bad but I have a goal of finishing at least 3 of my WIPs before I can start another one. Right now I am working on the Rainbow Birds for my mother. I have made some progress. I decided to do the backstitching as I go. So I went back and backstitched the butterfly and flowers. After which, I stitched the bird. I'm about halfway through. I have a few more flowers near the bird, another butterfly, and a whole lot of flowers plus another bird at the bottom. My mother loves it and plans on making it into a pillow. Once I finish this one, I am moving on to the Wild West for Mari, my SIL, actually it's for my nephew Theron's room.

Well thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Come back soon.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Recent Finishes

First up, I am a member of a Round Robin that started out with 6 people and ended up with 4. My sister Jennifer is a member of this RR. She chose to do the LK Flip It Blocks on 32 ct Linen. Well, one of the remaining members of the group could not see to stitch the project. So only one person had stitched on it before me. Well, being the nice sister that I am, I stitched 3 blocks instead of 2. I stitched the January, May, and September blocks. I stitched the January because it was already started. I stitched the May block because that is the month I was born. And finally, I stitched the September block because I am a teacher. I think I did a good job.

Next, On July 10th, Jennifer and I finished the above two projects. I had finished Cherry Hill by Country Cottage earlier this year. I went out and bought the stuff to finish it the weekend after I finished stitching it. I finally made the box and put it on the shelf in my living room. The patriotic one is a pattern that I picked up at Stitch N Frame out of Lafayette, LA. I used to live in Lafayette before Katrina and shopped at Stitch N Frame often. I saw the pattern and bought it to stitch immediately. I've had it finished for years, but finally "finished" it this year. I think it turned out beautifully. Jennifer is the one who decided to group the pins they way they are.

Right now, I am working on my WIPs trying to get them finished. I want to start on two or three projects (Mirabilia's Rose of Sharon, Raise the Roof's Turkey Dressing, and Barbara Ana Design's My Wool). I also have a few other projects that are going but I'm not in a hurry to finish. They are Ink Circle's Celtic Mystery Sampler, EGA's Tiramisu, and Lizzie Kate's Flip It Block Series.

Also, I decided that each night I will read a chapter out of a book. I have not been reading for pleasure in a long time. Mainly, I feel guilty about reading for pleasure when I should be researching for my dissertation. But, I need to read for fun.

Well got to go. Thanks you for stopping by


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sorry for not blogging lately

I've been really busy with medical issues, Vacation Bible School, and deadlines for submitting papers for my graduate program. I have been stitching and have finished a few things. I hope to be able to post pictures this weekend. So, check back later.

Thanks for visiting my blog


Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm going to be an Aunt (again) twice!!

My baby sister Bridget announced that she was pregnant at our family's 4th of July get together. It was kind of sweet how she did it. She put her son, Tucker, in a t-shirt that said "I'm the big BROTHER." Fun though, in a house full of smart people, it took a minute or two to realize what the shirt means.

Well, last night my baby brother, Ricky, and his wife announced they were having a baby also. The sent their son, Theron, in to my Mom's house wearing a t-shirt that said "No, I AM the Big Brother". On the back it said, "If Tucker gets one then I want one."

We are so excited. I can't wait. I wasn't in the state for the previous 4 births but will be for these two. They are due about a week apart in February.

The funny thing about this is a few weeks back I dreamed that my Mom (who keeps the children) was having to keep six little babies and Tucker. The three oldest were in school. Well, we are heading in that direction. Two babies and Tucker for the year 2009-2010. We are hoping for at least one girl since right now we have 4 boys.

Well, thanks for reading my gushing. Come by again soon; I should have some stitching to post soon.

Sharon Clark

Monday, July 07, 2008

LHN Exchanges received (My partner & I)

I received my LHN Exchange. I think it is great. I now have a floss tag. It came all the way from Australia.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Long time, no see

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been working on my dissertation proposal and my general exam portfolio. I meet with my major professor a couple of weeks back. He asked me to update my general exam portfolio for final approval. Well, I came home and pulled it up on the computer. To my shock and surprise, I could not find the latest version. I found the original version which had been almost completely rewritten. Thank goodness I had a hard copy of the latest version. So I have spent the better part of two weeks retyping and updating the document. I sent it to my major professor on Friday. So, now I wait for his thoughts and comments. But, on to stitching.

I completed my LHN exchange for HoE. I will post a picture of it when my exchange partner receives it. I also decided to work on another "quickie" project before the 4th. It is "Liberty!" by Nessy Lynn's. I used plain aida in a platinum color, DMC floss, and a gold Kreinik. It was pretty quick. The designer did a great job at using floss to show shading. My sister, Jen, and I are going to make it into a cube.

I also made a decision this weekend while talking to my friend, Sharon. I have basically been punishing myself these last couple of years. I'm working on my dissertation and feel guilty about reading books for pleasure. You must realize that I used to read two or three books a week. Some were just trashy romances but I also read some larger books. But recently I have only read the Harry Potter Books or the Stephanie Plum Books but nothing else. So, my decision is to read like when I was a kid. Every night I will read one to two chapters in a book. I have a shelf full of books I want to read. I don't want the books to get out of hand like the stitching projects. So every night, I will read for pleasure. I'll let you know how that goes. I will list the books I read along the side of my blog.

Well, got to go shell peas. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HoE Freebie Exchange Received

My Freebie exchange recipient, Laura M, has received her package. So here is a picture of the Needlebook and goodies I sent her. The pattern is the Freebie "Tooth Fairy Day" Pattern from Just Another Button Company.
I changed the colors of the entire pattern. I used Cobbled Peach, Bejeweled, Sunshine Girl, Tropical Ocean, Cloud, and a DMC variation (for her hair). I used beads instead of the thread Morning Glory because I could not find a thread that matched. The beads I used were Mill Hill Beads that matched the dress.

Laura was very happy with the package. I am happy she liked it. I knew from her blog that she liked fairies; so I searched and searched for just the right pattern. I'm glad that I found this pattern.

Thanks for stopping by.


Burgundy Flower Ornament Completed

Last night I completed the Burgundy Flower Ornament from Just Nan. The pattern is on the back of the Burgundy Bouquet Leaflet (JN051). While stitching the pattern I didn't think that it looked like a flower. Well, it isn't a flower rather it is 3 flowers. I didn't realize this until I was looking at the picture I took of the project. I used the threads called for by the pattern (DMC) and regular linen 28 count. I think it is very pretty.

I will try to finish the rainbow birds for my Mother this week (month). My WIPs list is getting shorter (yippee!) Once I have reduced my WIPs list to one (Lavender Myst will be awhile), I plan on starting "The Rose of Sharon" from Miriabilia. I have had the pattern since 1992 and really want to do it. Then I will be working on GCC Tiramisu, Rose of Sharon, and probably Hang Ten from Raise the Roof. I only want to work on 2 - 3 projects at a time.

Well got to go stitch. Thanks for dropping by.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Stitching Retreat

This weekend I attended a stitching retreat here in Hattiesburg. The retreat started at about 1:30 on Friday and went to late on Sunday. Well first of all on Friday, Jennifer and I finished our pins and needles exchange items. I started earlier in the week looking for a freebie pattern that would be cute of a seahorse or mermaid. Well, I couldn't find a pattern of either and ended up doing the "Hello Spring" pattern from Lizzie Kate. I made a few changes to the pattern. I changed the word Spring to Sunshine. I hade to use three patterns to find the letters to complete the word Sunshine. I also added a butterfly bead. After I finished stitching the pattern, I completed it as a needlebook. While sewing it together I didn't catch the ribbon on the back, so I had to add a button to the back for a closure. It turned out cute (I almost didn't want to give it away.) In the exchange on Friday, Theresa got my needlebook. I received a pinkeep from Terri. I really like it. I don't know who the designer is but I like my first pinkeep.

We also had a gift exchange on Saturday afternoon. Each exchange was numbered, then each stitcher picked a number. We only got the package that matched our chosen number. I got an excellent gift. Polly put together an awesome gift. It contained threads, notebooks, beads, some fabric, stitcher supplies, candleholder, wind chimes, a Just Nan Whimzy pattern and frame and some Altoid mins. I was extremely happy with my gift.

A little later in the evening we got door prizes. I was 11th out of 15 to choose my door prize. I chose a package from Sisters and Best Friends which contained about 6 patterns with some bead packages. We also received several freebies as a group. See the picture to the left. Two of the stitching ladies Lisa and Polly gave everyone a gift as well (see right). Each gift included a skein of DMC floss and box of Mill Hill beads with candy. I really appreciated the thought. Lisa and Polly did a terrific job of creating a goodie bag. Thank you.

Now what did I stitch on at the retreat? I worked on the Something Special "Rainbow Birds" for my Mom, the Just Nan "Burgundy Flower Ornament" for myself, The Miriabilia "Christmas Fairy" for myself , and the Little House Needlework "Acorns and Pines" for HoE LHN exchange. . On the Rainbow birds, I had to pull out several stems and the bird because I used the wrong brown. I spent half a day getting back to where I was in the beginning. I made some progress but not much. As for the Christmas Fairy, I finish the bottom of the skirt and started her boots. On the Acorns and Pines, I did a little bit of work - the door, doorframe, and part of the house up to the top of the the door. Finally, I completed the most on the Burgundy Flower Ornament. I have two greens left to do in the leaves and the border. I plan on finishing it today. Also, I completed work on three of the Red threads from my Red Thread Round Robin. I had to put the pull trailer on Bridget's Road Trip, finish stitching on Lisha's Picnic (I forgot to cross back over about seven stitches), and I finished Ocean Voyage on Jennifer's. The Red Thread projects I completed on Friday night.

Oh yea, as part of the fee each stitch got a $75 gift certificate to the LNS. I got Heart in Hands "Monthly Markings Border" and the first 4 block patterns, The Cross-Eyed Crickets "Soft Boiled" and Little House Needlworks "Night and Day" and Praire Schoolers "Harvest Time".
I had a great time at the retreat and will do it again next year.

Thanks for stopping by.
Sharon "Clarkey"

Sunday, June 08, 2008

HoE Biscornu Exchange Received

My partner for HoE Biscornu dropped out. So, I was assigned Marianela Mas y Rubi (Nela) from Venezulela. I sent it back in April and she received it this month. It was Summer Breeze by The Cat's Whiskers. The pattern was stitched with Dinky Dyes Thread on Silkweaver Fabric. I think it turned out cute.

Top View
Bottom View
Side view (her initial)
Date & Exchange Name
pattern used on the biscornu

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Housework Never Killed....

I bought this Lizzie Kate thinking that it would be quick and easy. Well, it is quick and easy if you don't lose the thread. I bought Baby Spinach twice and lost it twice. My sister Jen finally found it in her stuff. The fabric I used was Silkweaver's solo. I thought I would never use the fabric but Jen kept telling me that the perfect project would turn up; it did. I used the specialty threads as well. My sister Bridget says that I should finish it as a pillow but a pillow that looks incomplete. I think I will try it. I am not a housekeeper. My little nephews are always telling me I need to clean up (Little do they realize that most of the mess comes from the visits they make).

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

HoE Freebie Exchange

Today I received my freebie exchange from Paula Crossen. It is so cute. The pattern is Lizzie Kate's "Count Your Blessings"finished as a needlebook. Paula also included in the book some pins and a counting needle set. Additional items were a set of Mary Arden needles and the Lizzie Kate "Love Crazy" Pattern. I am so happy with my exchange. Thank you Paula C for such a lovely exchange.

I have also sent my Freebie exchange (yesterday). I will post pictures when my exchange partner has received it.

Sharon Clark