Saturday, October 25, 2008

Celtic Knot Biscornu

I found a Celtic knot pattern that I stitched in 2002. I had stitched it white on green and then green on white. I had planned on framing them and putting them in my hallway. But, I never could find frames that looked good with them.

Well in May, my EGA group (Stitching Magnolias) wanted me to bring some projects to the meeting to show people how to finish their projects. At the same time they were finishing up a biscornu. So, I decided to finish these as a biscornu.

I haven't decided what buttons to use. My sister, Jennifer, says to use gold buttons. I think she is right. Now I have to find some gold buttons. I am really happy that I have found a way to make these patterns useful. I'm also thinking of putting beads around the edge. Well, I will let you know when I decide.

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Cris Uchoas said...

I love the Celtic culture and thought their wonderful biscornus. You hands of fairy.
Greetings from Brazil.