Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finishes for Today

Last night I finished two of the patterns that I have been working on this month.  I finished the Quaker Owl and the July installment of Erica Michael's Rainbow Gallery Freebies for 2004.  I used DMC floss for the red and blue then used Rainbow Gallery Hi-light for the red, white, blue, and gold sparkles.  I hope to finish April through July as magnets this weekend.

The Quaker Owl was stitched on linen with Sampler Thread - Picnic Basket.  I want to finish it as a stand up - kind of like a stuffed animal.  I think it is beautiful.  I am very happy with it.  Now I plan on doing the Quaker Bat in Dracula's Cape on Silkweaver's Rock Quarry.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Quaker Owl

Last week I worked exclusively on my Quaker Owl.  As for the head of the owl, I have stitched that thing 3 times.  The first time I was completely finished with the right part of the head, the eye and ear on that side.  As I was finishing the beak I noticed that it wasn't centered on the circle that is the belly.  Soooo, I ripped it out and stitched it again starting at the beak.  Then when I was almost finished with the right side of the head I realized that it was one row up.  Soooo, I ripped it out and stitched it again.  Correctly this time.  Why did I rip it?  because it is a symmetrical pattern and the mistakes would be obvious.  So now I have only the lower left side of the face and the left wing to finish.  BUT,  I ran out of thread which was a specialty thread.  So, today I will go by Shakespeare's Peddler and pick up some of the floss.  I wanted to finish it this weekend and complete some other projects but that didn't work.  So I hope to finish everything this coming up weekend.

I'm in my last week of classes for summer school.  The Lord has blessed me greatly this summer with two summer classes at two different community colleges - one in June and one in July.  He has also blessed me this fall with two classes at each school - two on MW at one school and two on TR at the other, along with my tutoring job at Sylvan.  I feel very happy and blessed today.

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Going to the Movies

Did you know that I have never seen the back of a movie theater in all of my life?  Nope. Never. At least not until Tuesday night.  My friend/cousin Liz's daughter Michelle wanted to go to the midnight showing of "Eclipse".  We bought our tickets on Monday then got to the theater around 9:30 pm (the movie starts at 12:11 am).  The line was already wrapped around to the back.  We had to stand by the dumpster that is about the halfway mark for the building.  When we went to the midnight showing of Transformers 2 it was nothing like this.  Well, they started letting people in around 11.  When we got to the front we could see the end of the line which was near the front doors.  They only let people in on one side but not the other to avoid the end of the line turning around.

Anyway all 18 theaters had "Eclipse" running and every  theater was sold out.  It was an experience that I enjoyed.  Everyone was nice and polite going in and during the movie.  We were worried that the guy above us was going to heckle the movie the entire time but he quieted down when the movie started.  I had a good time.  The movie kept me interested which is hard at midnight (my usual bed time).

We got out of the theater around 2:30 am but sat in the parking lot until about 3.   The traffic was awful.  I didn't get home until 3:40 am.  Thank goodness that I didn't have to work the next morning.  BUT, I was up at 8:00 am. Oh well.

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