Thursday, November 06, 2008

Group 10 Round Robin 2nd Mailing

I've finished stitching on Diane's Round Robin. It was pretty easy once I realized that it called for 3 threads instead of 2. So I had to frog my part and re-stitch it. I think it is really cute. I would have done the backstitching but did not have the color chart to do so. I will be mailing it on to Georgena tomorrow afternoon.

On a different note, I have an exchange that was suppose to go out on Monday. But, my nephew whose 5 has either hidden it or I have lost it. He said he put it in Maw Maw's basket but we can't find it. I have everything ready to go but the exchange piece. I hope to find it tomorrow or restitch it tomorrow. That will teach me to leave my stitching just laying around.

Well got to go. Thanks for stopping by.


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