Monday, November 24, 2008

Exchanges Sent and Received

Harvest Ornament Exchange

Terry has received her Harvest Ornament Exchange. The pattern I used was Trail Creek Farm's "Awesome In My Autumn". I use stitched the leaves and the pumpkin. I put seed beads around the edge and used them to make the hanger. Terry really liked the ornament. I really liked the pattern and can't wait to stitch it for myself.

Christmas Ornament Exchange for Hooked on Exchange

My Partner has received her exchange. I stitched a snowman from Sisters and Best Friends "Buddies" on Silkweaver Fabric. I received my exchange today. Shelleen used an unusual tin to frame the stitched project. I think it is really cute.

Floss Tag Exchange

Cathy Boyd received her exchange from me on the 11th. She liked it. I stitched the pattern "My Street" from Floss Box. I stitched it on silkweaver fabric.

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