Monday, June 30, 2008

Long time, no see

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been working on my dissertation proposal and my general exam portfolio. I meet with my major professor a couple of weeks back. He asked me to update my general exam portfolio for final approval. Well, I came home and pulled it up on the computer. To my shock and surprise, I could not find the latest version. I found the original version which had been almost completely rewritten. Thank goodness I had a hard copy of the latest version. So I have spent the better part of two weeks retyping and updating the document. I sent it to my major professor on Friday. So, now I wait for his thoughts and comments. But, on to stitching.

I completed my LHN exchange for HoE. I will post a picture of it when my exchange partner receives it. I also decided to work on another "quickie" project before the 4th. It is "Liberty!" by Nessy Lynn's. I used plain aida in a platinum color, DMC floss, and a gold Kreinik. It was pretty quick. The designer did a great job at using floss to show shading. My sister, Jen, and I are going to make it into a cube.

I also made a decision this weekend while talking to my friend, Sharon. I have basically been punishing myself these last couple of years. I'm working on my dissertation and feel guilty about reading books for pleasure. You must realize that I used to read two or three books a week. Some were just trashy romances but I also read some larger books. But recently I have only read the Harry Potter Books or the Stephanie Plum Books but nothing else. So, my decision is to read like when I was a kid. Every night I will read one to two chapters in a book. I have a shelf full of books I want to read. I don't want the books to get out of hand like the stitching projects. So every night, I will read for pleasure. I'll let you know how that goes. I will list the books I read along the side of my blog.

Well, got to go shell peas. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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