Monday, June 09, 2008

Stitching Retreat

This weekend I attended a stitching retreat here in Hattiesburg. The retreat started at about 1:30 on Friday and went to late on Sunday. Well first of all on Friday, Jennifer and I finished our pins and needles exchange items. I started earlier in the week looking for a freebie pattern that would be cute of a seahorse or mermaid. Well, I couldn't find a pattern of either and ended up doing the "Hello Spring" pattern from Lizzie Kate. I made a few changes to the pattern. I changed the word Spring to Sunshine. I hade to use three patterns to find the letters to complete the word Sunshine. I also added a butterfly bead. After I finished stitching the pattern, I completed it as a needlebook. While sewing it together I didn't catch the ribbon on the back, so I had to add a button to the back for a closure. It turned out cute (I almost didn't want to give it away.) In the exchange on Friday, Theresa got my needlebook. I received a pinkeep from Terri. I really like it. I don't know who the designer is but I like my first pinkeep.

We also had a gift exchange on Saturday afternoon. Each exchange was numbered, then each stitcher picked a number. We only got the package that matched our chosen number. I got an excellent gift. Polly put together an awesome gift. It contained threads, notebooks, beads, some fabric, stitcher supplies, candleholder, wind chimes, a Just Nan Whimzy pattern and frame and some Altoid mins. I was extremely happy with my gift.

A little later in the evening we got door prizes. I was 11th out of 15 to choose my door prize. I chose a package from Sisters and Best Friends which contained about 6 patterns with some bead packages. We also received several freebies as a group. See the picture to the left. Two of the stitching ladies Lisa and Polly gave everyone a gift as well (see right). Each gift included a skein of DMC floss and box of Mill Hill beads with candy. I really appreciated the thought. Lisa and Polly did a terrific job of creating a goodie bag. Thank you.

Now what did I stitch on at the retreat? I worked on the Something Special "Rainbow Birds" for my Mom, the Just Nan "Burgundy Flower Ornament" for myself, The Miriabilia "Christmas Fairy" for myself , and the Little House Needlework "Acorns and Pines" for HoE LHN exchange. . On the Rainbow birds, I had to pull out several stems and the bird because I used the wrong brown. I spent half a day getting back to where I was in the beginning. I made some progress but not much. As for the Christmas Fairy, I finish the bottom of the skirt and started her boots. On the Acorns and Pines, I did a little bit of work - the door, doorframe, and part of the house up to the top of the the door. Finally, I completed the most on the Burgundy Flower Ornament. I have two greens left to do in the leaves and the border. I plan on finishing it today. Also, I completed work on three of the Red threads from my Red Thread Round Robin. I had to put the pull trailer on Bridget's Road Trip, finish stitching on Lisha's Picnic (I forgot to cross back over about seven stitches), and I finished Ocean Voyage on Jennifer's. The Red Thread projects I completed on Friday night.

Oh yea, as part of the fee each stitch got a $75 gift certificate to the LNS. I got Heart in Hands "Monthly Markings Border" and the first 4 block patterns, The Cross-Eyed Crickets "Soft Boiled" and Little House Needlworks "Night and Day" and Praire Schoolers "Harvest Time".
I had a great time at the retreat and will do it again next year.

Thanks for stopping by.
Sharon "Clarkey"

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