Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweet Sister

My sister Bridget got all the ladies in our Red Thread Round Robin a little happy. It consisted of a tin, 2 fat quarters of fabric, a pack of Mary Arden needles, skeins of specialty floss and some Valentine's Candy. Each box contain fabric and floss that matched the personality of the receiver. I got Gentle Arts Blackboard, Ohio Lemon Pie, and Purple Iris. The needles are my favorites. I now only buy Mary Arden needles.

Bridget got us all a gift because she likes to do things like that. She said she did it because she was holding up the round robin but I think she would have done it anyway because it was valentines. So thank you to my sister. I love it.


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Lisha said...

You do have a sweet sister. TAG!! YOU"RE IT! Visit me to see what to do.