Saturday, March 01, 2008

Busy Week

My goodness what a week it has been. I gave a test Thursday night and had to have midterm grades posted to PeopleSoft by 4 pm Friday. But, it wasn't the test that I gave Thursday that held me up. It was having to read all 150 discussion board replies for the Orientation class that took forever. I submitted all my grades by 3:59 pm with a few seconds to spare.

As far as stitching went, I finished the ornament for my ornament exchange. Again I got my sister Jennifer as a my exchange person. I stitched the Victorian Lace Snowflake by Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor. I got the pattern out of the JCS Christmas Edition 2007 Magazine. I loved working on this one because I worked it like reversible blackwork. Before I put on the beads you couldn't tell which side was the front without really looking. After I added the beads, you could. Not just because of the beads but because of the thread. When I stitch this for myself, I am going to put the beads on as I go instead of last. Jennifer loved it. But, I didn't finish it because she said she would. I'm not big on the finishing. I love to stitch but finishing... I'm learning but it's not so easy.

As far as my Snapperville goes. I have completed the squares. I finished the Town hall on Thursday. I changed the thread used for the building. It called for Harvest Basket. But, Harvest Basket was the same color as the fabric. So instead I used Virginia Beech (which was my substitute for Shaker White). I think it turned out pretty good. It took longer to complete this one because I wasn't concentrating when I started stitching the building. I got my windows out of whack. So, as usual, I had to re-stitch the house.

I started the Stockyard yesterday about 6 pm. I finished it about 1:30 am last night. This is one of the squares that caused me to buy the whole set. I think it is the cutest one of the set. My sister Jennifer already had the one with the cat on the fence and I had the pumpkin patch. When I went to buy the stockyard, Jennifer reminded me that we had the other two. So, I decided why not get the set and stitch them all. Now, all I have to do is stitch the border. Which, Jennifer and I think is what makes the set adorable.

For this set I 26 specialty threads but replace 12 of them with thread I had on hand. For example the borders called for Bark, I used English Ivy. The following are the other 10 exchanges I used (substitute, pattern): Freedom for Deep Sea, Dried Thyme for Kudzu, Arizona Petrified Wood (limited edition) for Barn Grey, Flax for Harvest Basket, Black Coffee for Onyx, Cinnamon for Rust, Gold Leaf for Schneckley, Black Hills for Seaweed, Dark Chocolate for Swamp Water, and Toasted Marshmallow for White Wash.

Now I have the winter snapperland to stitch. I love the chalet and the villa. Also Theresa for Raise the Roof designs is creating an "other side of the tracks" street that I can't wait to stitch. I think it is hilarious.

Today I am going to work and and try to complete the Cherry Hill from Country Cottage Needleworks. Here I also used thread I had on hand. So, I substituted Bramble Bush for Roasted Chestnut, Evergreen for Weeping Willow, and Willow Leaves (limited edition) for Cherry Tomato. The fabric is "Rock-a-Bye" from Silkweaver. (The same fabric I am using for my Christmas fairy.) I thought this was a cute pattern when I bought it. But, the more I stitched it the more I fell in love with the pattern. It is not hard to stitch and the sheep are so cute. I am almost through with it. I had to stop because I ran out of Dandelion Stem for the grass and leaves on the tree. When I finish this one, I am going to get Jen to help me make it into a square. I'm going to put it in my display shelf with my spring decorations. It is so cute.

Well got to go. Thanks for stopping by.



fairymadjo said...

hi just wanted to say i love your blog , huggs jo x

Jen said...

Love the finished blocks on the Bent Creek piece. I can't wait to start this one myself.

Lisha said...

THe snowflake turned out really pretty. Love the stockyard.Love the cherry hill. Too cute.