Saturday, August 15, 2015

What have I done in the past YEAR?

Has it really been a year since I posted?  I really don't have an excuse.  I should have been posting the whole time.  But, I have really slow internet at home, and forget to post at work.  So here is what I have finished and/or the stage I am at the moment.

First up, the Mississippi State Fair results.  I entered the Ink Circles Mystery Stitch along, The Silver Needle 2013 Pumpkin with buttons we made at the retreat, The Bent Creek Summer Snapperville, Barbara Ana's Owlscornu, Shakespeare's Peddler's Passport Pincushion, and an scarf that I created using double crochets and front post stitching.
I got blue ribbons on everything.  I am so proud!

Tiramisu Complete
 I finally finished the Tiramisu.  It is gorgeous!  I haven't framed it yet but will soon.  I used DMC floss on beautiful yellow fabric from Silkweaver.

Girl's Christmas Ornament Exchange
 Every year the girls in our family create an ornament to exchange.  My mother says that every Christmas tree should have a bird in it.  So this year I crocheted these cute little birds for everyone.  I used different color combinations for everyone.

My cousin Liz's daughter Michelle wanted a purple and green afghan.  So I crocheted 9 different granny squares.  Well, actually 8.  Katie, my sister-in-law crocheted the round one that is at the beginning of the top row.  Michelle picked the colors.  I finished this during spring break.  Michelle loved it.

Michelle's Afghan

Also, during spring break I started a new craft/art.  I found a book on Zentangles. I truly enjoy drawing these min-art projects.  They are so relaxing.

Zentangled Owl
My Zentangle Art

For my Mom for Bridget
My mother started this Irish Coffee for my sister Bridget in 1995.  It was almost complete (just lacked the "coffee" section and the border.)  So I finished it for her.  I dated it 1995 2015 and put both of our initials on it.

Other Cross Stitch Projects I have completed this year are: Raven Bewitch, Pumpkin Kitty, and Chicken Love (which is suppose to be a pin keep but is too large for a pin keep)
Raven Bewitch
Pumpkin Kitty

Chicken Love
I had to make mushrooms for Liz, Patrick, Theron, Tucker, and Jennifer.  Theron, Tucker, and Patrick got the blue mushrooms.  Jennifer's dog Sally loved the mushrooms.  Now I have to make her a new red one.  :)  They turned out really cute.

a troop of mushrooms: Grow up (red) and get a life (green)
This summer I decided that I was going to complete as many of my craft projects as I could.  So here are a couple of the things I completed.  I finished 3 sets of bead ornaments, a crystal angel, these two snowmen (for my brother Pete), and Raggedy Andy.  I still have several crystal angels to complete.

Better late than never
Raggedy Anne now has an Andy
Crystal Angel

This year we didn't go to the Silver Needle Retreat.  Rather we created our own retreat.  My sisters (Jennifer & Bridget), Katie, Lisha, Theresa, Maddi, and I went to Birmingham for a week.  We each brought a craft to teach each night (a different person each night) and crafts for us to complete.

Katie's chain maile earrings
Katie's Chain maile earrings

Theresa's Paper Mache Craft
Jennifer's Basket weaving

Lisha's Christmas Ornaments

I completed three project and made a major dent in the other project.  I finished Panel 1 of the Halloween Pudgy, a hot pad, and some crocheted containers.  I have nearly finished Jennifer's LaLaLoopsy doll.  I only have to add the hair.

Panel 1 of Halloween Pudgy
crocheted containers

hot pad
95% complete LaLaLoopsy Doll
Jennifer found a sewing pattern to create a cover for your notebook.  Well of course we all wanted one.  Here is mine.
Sewn by Sharon
Mari, Jennifer and I also became interested in stained glass crafts.  We took a class at the Craftsman's Guild in Jackson with Jane Mullins.  We made the star sun catcher.  Then Mari and I took the intermediate class (Jennifer had a prior engagement) and made the bird.  Mine was horrible.  I had a bad day (cut myself 3 times).  So I will probably take the class again.  The bird looks good here but when I put it together the gaps were too big.

And last but not least.  The Rose of Sharon.  I am nearing completion of this project.  This week has been very busy (preparing for school).  Next week will also be very busy (first week of school).  I plan to have this finished before the end of the year.

I have decided not to make plans with definite deadlines.  Every time I do things go awry.  So I just plan on working.  I have started several projects that I hope to post as I go rather than one large post like this.  I have also started using up my small amounts of yarn.  I am crocheting afghan squares for "Warm Up America!"  I have decided that when I finish a project that I will get rid of the pattern rather than keep it.  I am trying the KonMari method of cleaning and decluttering my house.  Let's see what happens.

Thank you for sticking with me all this time.  Hopefully I will post more often.