Monday, November 13, 2006

Halloween Fairy

Check out my finished works. She's finished finally.Well after many distractions and a couple of trips out of town. I have finally finished the fairy. I will be submitting it to Silkweaver for their showcase contest. (Since the fabric is one I ordered from silkweavers.) I really enjoyed stitching this fairy and can't wait to start on the Christmas fairy. But it has to wait for me to complete the EGA sampler and the ornaments for the exchange parties. I haven't picked out a cloth yet, but it will be from the ones I get from the Fabric of the Month Club (FOTM) at It is amazing how using different cloth makes the fairy look different. My sister, Jennifer, also did the Halloween fairy. Her fairy looks different that mine. It has a pink tone to it. She used a different hand-dyed fabric. You can see her's at her blog. Just click on her link to the right.

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