Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Yeah I survived

I survived the conference.  I planned and executed a regional mathematics conference for community college faculty by myself (for the most part).  It had a bumpy start (I forgot to print extra forms and someone who was helping me started the conference early.)  but it went smoothly after that. 

We had a wonderful presenter, Elayn Martin Gay - textbook author.  Her presentation was wonderful and useful on helping students to get organized to learn.  Then she show everyone how to make a latern with Kirigami.

Afterward, we had 3 breakout sessions with 3 presenters per session.  The continental breakfast by Spoondance Catering was great along with the pulled pork/ pulled chicken meal from Squealer's of Meridian.  If nothing else, the attendees were well fed.

I am happy that it is over. 

At the business meeting I was elected Mississippi Vice President and Chair of the Policies and Procedures committee.

Well got to go to work
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