Friday, February 08, 2013

Books, Books, and more Books


So last weekend I was cleaning up my room and decided to organize my pile of books.  When I finish gathering all of the unread books in my house, I had a stack of 55.  (My friend Cheri called me a light-weight).  I decided then that I would spend less time in front of the TV (since nothing worth watching is ever on; and if it is I let the DVR recorded it to avoid commercials), and spend more time reading.  So I started in week six of the year.  If I read a book a week, which is possible for most of the books,  I could wipe out the majority of what I have by the end of the year.  That is, if I don't buy any new books.

So, I went to Paperback Swap and put every book on my TBR list (To Be Read).  As I finish each book I will move it to my read list and then post it for swapping.  I wonder how many I will get through this year.

I really loved to read but I haven't read a whole lot this past decade.  My main reason for not reading was my Ph.D. that I was working on.  I felt guilty reading for pleasure when I was suppose to be reading for my dissertation.  Well, at the end of April last year, I made a decision to stop working on my Ph.D.  for three reasons.  Reason 1, I was on my 3rd major professor and my new major professor was like my 1st major professor; it took him several months to read and critique what you had sent him.  Reason 2, I had pretty much reached my limit and would have to start all over.  Finally, Reason 3, my research was old and dated and had been proven already by others.  So,  now I am actually very happy and less stressed.

I plan on relaxing more this year while completing projects in cross stitching, crocheting, and scrapbooking.  If you look at my UFO Challenge for 2013, I have several projects that I have been working on for years.  I am ready to be finished with these projects.  Well, got to go.  My nephews are playing BanjoKazooie on the X-Box and are having trouble.

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