Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Two Post in One Day....Did the world stop spinning?

I can't believe I'm posting again already but I wanted to show you a couple of things from Mom's stash.  First is the Merry Christmas that you see below.  All she had left to do was the blue marks in the snow (by the sled, the horse's feet, and the house).  She thought that she also had all the snowflakes (the dots) but she had finished it.  So I finished the blue in the snow and Jennifer framed it with a frame Mom had already bought.

Next is a pattern that Mom started but I can't find the pattern.  If anyone know where the pattern came from I would appreciate the help in finding it.

Thanks for all the help.



Heather Cartwright said...

I dug around a bit and it looks like the pattern is called Babies Don't Keep by Sunset Stitchery. It looks quite old, though, so it may be hard to find, and there appears to be an identical crewelwork pattern. Hope that helps though!

Clarkey said...

Thanks for the help. I will look for it.