Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A finish and A "I give up"

I finished this on 4/20/2008 but haven't had time to post it. I had to stitch it backwards because it wasn't mine. My friend, Lisha, crosses her x's backwards from me. I had to concentrate really hard to stitch in the correct direction for her. Next, the Ocean Voyage on my sister Jennifer's Round Robin.

I also attempted to complete the Meadowsweet Group Correspondence Course project from EGA. I was the group coordinator for Cyberstitchers. Only 4 people sent their project in to be evaluate. But, mine wasn't one of them. I have also signed up for "My Favorite Bracelet" which I have completed about half of it, "Tiramisu" which I know I will love because it is blacwork but haven't started, and "Florentine Ornaments" which I need to get my sister-in-law, Mari, to paint the canvas first.

I will post pictures this weekend of several things that I am working on. Also, I bought a laptop last weekend. At present, I am tied to one room until my brother, Pete, can activate the wireless. It is a Toshiba which I like so far. It is much faster than my older one (which took an hour to load a word document). Now all I have to do is get all my stitching stuff on it.

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Lisha said...

My picnic looks great. Thanks for taking the time to pay attention to detail.