Sunday, March 22, 2009

Knitting Projects completed since January

So here are the projects that I have knitted. I knitted the same baby afghan twice for the two new nephews. Tyler got a baby green one while Leif got the Sunshine Print one. I will edit this post and put a picture of the green one when I find it.

For my friend, Vercher, I knitted a dish towel and crocheted a wash cloth. I really enjoyed doing this and plan to knit all the girls in the family at least one. Next, I want to knit everyone a pair of socks but I have to find yarn that is stretch but does not have any wool in it.

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acereta said...

I like the color of the afgan! And the white squares are very nice too. I didn;t knit for many month, started an afgan and then switched to stitching and bobbin lace.. I made 7 squares last august and then stopped. Hope your progress will be a challenge for me...
Irina (Moscow, Russia)