Saturday, July 18, 2009

I've been busy

Really!! I have finished a couple of the blocks on the Ink Circle Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long. I also finished the September 2007 block from the Seasons Club at Fireside Stitchery. I will have pictures to post soon. The reason I don't have any right now is that the dogs got the camera out of the car during the 4th of July holidays and carried it off. We found it in the rain. My sister Bridget took it home to dry it out. Now, I need to get the photos from her.

I also received my ornament from my sister from our ornament exchange and my PIF from her also. They are beautiful. Pictures to come when I get the camera back.

I've also joined a book swapping club. I have so many paperbacks that I need to read or have read. I have mailed off 4 so far and am waiting on another.

On top of all this I need to find a full time job. I found a posting for a job for which I would be PERFECT. I have filed my application and am waiting for a call. I really would like this job even though it is an hour and a half away.

Well my nephew Leif is crying and I've got to go.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Jen said...

I love your background. It just screams "SHARON".