Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beware! Genius at work?!?

I am so mad at myself right now. I was transferring my pictures from my camera to my laptop and lost over 70 pictures. Most of which were pictures of my nephew Leif's first birthday. Well it is not like the "Clarkarazzi" didn't take a bazillion pictures. But, I deleted all the pictures I took this month. With my mom's digital camera, you connect it to the computer with a wire then move the pictures to the computer then delete the pictures. With my camera, you take out the memory card and put it into the computer then move the pictures. Well I moved the pictures from one folder then deleted it. The problem is when I deleted that folder the computer deleted all the folders on the memory card. Darn it!!! I tried to undo and all it did was put the photos I moved back on the card. I'm waiting on my brother Pete to call me back to see if there is a way to restore the pictures.

On a lighter note, I completed a couple of things. The first one was the next installment in the Kick Back and Stitch Geometric Club. The name of it is Forest Glen. It didn't take long to finish it, but I didn't stitch much the last couple of weeks. I have 5 more to go but since it snowed I chose to start the Snow Day pattern next. (I skipped one pattern.) I will be glad to finish this club and start back on my Halloween Pudgy club. I have eight panels to stitch and have only stitched 1/2 of one. I hope to finish stitching and have it put together before Halloween this year.

The second thing I finished was a plastic canvas love bug. I finished it on the 13th right before Valentine's Day. I have two pattern books that are seasonal. The first one was given to me by my friend Lorrie. The patterns are suppose to be window hanging with suction cups on the front, but I put magnets on the back to hang them on the refrigerator. The second book is actually designed to be magnets. They are smaller and egg shaped. I had already completed the lovebug years ago. I designed the Mardi Gras egg based on the candy corn egg. But, as you can see my nephew Theron got a hold of it and made it pretty. Actually there were Mardi Gras coins glued to the egg where the garland is missing but he removed them to play with them. I have to fix it.

I have stitched the face and started the arms on the Rose of Sharon pattern. I ran out of "Dark Chocolate" before finishing the border on my Red Thread series. So I started stitching the words in Gentle Arts "Cranberry".

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