Tuesday, February 02, 2010

January Works

Well I didn't do what I wanted to do in January. That is, blog once a week but this month will be better. Today I will show the projects that I finished in January and my progress on the ones I'm working on at the moment.

First up is the Mirabillia Christmas Fairy. I worked on this project ever since the pattern came out. I stitched it on Silkweaver, Rock-A-Bye, 32-ct Opalescent Lugana. I stitched the shoes and the dress, then I gave up. It got to the point where I could not see the holes in the fabric. So I asked my sister Jennifer to finish it for me. She agreed to finish it. Once she started she had trouble with the fabric also. The thread would split and it was hard to see the holes. But, she finished it anyway. It turned out beautifully. I think I am going to frame it for next Christmas.

The second finish was the Christmas Present Afghan for my brother-in-law Tim. I crocheted the March afghan from Leisure Arts "Birthstone Afghans by Carole Prior. The name of the afghan is Aquamarine. I started this in December after working on Dad's afghan. Dad's afghan had 8 rows that repeated. This one only had one row. You would think that I could have finished it before Christmas not a month later. I crocheted using Red Heart Soft Navy Blue that was in the super size (16 oz.). I am going to wash it (since I dog loved to rub against it), then give it to Tim today when I get off work.

The third and final finish are the Erica Michaels 2004 freebies for Rainbow Gallery. We as I posted earlier, I had finished cross-stitching them earlier in the month, but made them into magnets on Sunday. On Sunday, Jennifer showed me how to make them into magnets. She finished the February while I finished the January. I think that they turned out beautiful.

As for my active project, I have 4: Kick Back & Stitch's Forest Glen - needlepoint, BC's Walking in a Winter Snapperland, Miriabillia's Rose of Sharon and the border on BC's The Red Thread.

The first project is KB&S' Forest Glen. When we got together and stitched in January, I finished the squares/borders. Then Saturday while I was at Liz's watching Human Target, I stitched 1-1/2 of the 4 boxes. My goal is to finish it today. This pattern was part of a needlepoint club I joined a few years back. The club contained 18 patterns of which I have stitched 12 and am working on the 13th. When I finish this set then I plan on working on the other club that I joined at the same time. Then I have several needlepoint projects that I bought back in 2006 when I moved back home. There isn't a needlepoint store in the area.

The next project is BC's Winter Snapperland. I've decided that I will do the border with each square (even though there are only four). I don't want to have this pattern end up like my red thread project (all but the border done). I'm stitching it on Silkweaver's Winter Skye, 32-ct Opalescent Lugana with DMC floss. I have some colors that I need to buy to finish the project.

The third project is Mirabillia's Rose of Sharon. I'm stitching this on linen fabric that I bought about 15 years ago. When my nephew Patrick was born, I bought some linen to stitch the Precious Moments Noah's Ark for his birth gift. The plan was to make it a wall hanging. Well the project has been stitched but not made into a wall hanging. Do you think that a 15-year-old boy would want a Precious Moments Noah's Ark hanging on his wall? Well maybe he can use it for his baby when he get grown, a job, and a wife. Anyway, this fabric was leftover from the project. I have had the Rose of Sharon pattern since at least 1992 when I moved to Lafayette and bought it at Stitch n Frame. The girls I stitch with decided that each one of us will work on a major project that we have wanted to work on for a long time. So I picked this one. I have stitched from the shoulder down in the middle area of the dress. This is going to be a lot of work. When I finish this one I think I do the one with the American Flag. I bought it for next to nothing at Michael's and it included everything.

Finally, I am working on the border of BC's Red Thread. I'm stitching the border with Gentle Art's Dark Chocolate but I will run out before I get to the words. So, I've decided to stitch the words in a red different from the "Red Thread" in the pattern. I hope to finish this project this month.

Well, I think I have blogged about everything I'm stitching on this month. I plan on blogging every week instead of every couple of weeks like last month. Thank you so much for stopping by and looking at my work. I appreciate it very much.

Have a great day



staci said...

That's wonderful that your sister was able to finish Christmas Fairy for you, she's really lovely! Love that afghan...now's the perfect time to cuddle underneath. And love your EM finishes.

Happy stitching on your Red Thread :)

Carolyn McNeil said...

What a nice sister you have! The fairy looks great...
Happy Stitchin'...
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