Friday, March 04, 2011

2011 - Goals

Well I know I am starting late with posting.  Every time I say "I am going to do ______".  You can bet that it will not happen.  I planned on posting each week this year but here we are in the 3rd month and this is the first post of the year.

Jennifer challenged us to complete 11 UFO's and 11 new projects this year.  So I accepted the challenge.  I have already posted the 22 projects to be completed this year.  I have completed one of the projects.  The second one I ran out of thread.  I need to pick up some thread to finish it.  I was hoping to be through with 4 projects by now.  (See, I plan it but it didn't happen.)  I really hope to finish all of them this year.

Also, I have been watching way too much "Hoarders".  So, on January 1st  I started cleaning out my house.  I took every thing out of each room, furniture and all, then washed the room - walls, floor, curtains, etc.  Then I only put back the bare essentials.  I finished half the house in January, but work and other obligations has gotten in the way of finishing the living room and kitchen.  My goal (which I shouldn't write) is to finish the cleaning today.  I have packed up 3 to 4 boxes for the garage sale we are having this month.

I begin spring break today.  I want to just relax (yeah right).  Maybe I will.

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staci said...

Cute finish! I think you're well on your way to meeting your goals!