Sunday, August 26, 2012

Art Journals

 Here are my Art Journals thus far.  I got the questions from E
January Tag Journals
 Week 1: What do I wish for this year?
 Week 2: "I am ..."
 Week 3: "Do you believe in fairies?"
 Week 4: "What you are proud of?"
February Tag Journals
 Week 5: "What is powerful to you?"
 Week 6: Your initial."
 Week 7: "Love, Love, Love"
 Week 8: "What is your current obsession?"
 Week 9: "If I could do it again, would I?"
March Tag Journals
 Week 10: "Count your blessings"
 Week 11: "What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?"
 Week 12: "Draw something."
 Week 13: "What is your favorite holiday?"
April Tag Journals
 Week 14: "What would you like to learn more about?"
 Week 15: "Create in 10 minutes."
 Week 16: "Magic Carpet - where would you go?"
 Week 17: "Who am I taking for granted?"
May Tag Journals
 Week 18: "What have you done over and over this week?"
 Week 19: "nature"
 Week 20: "What are you crossing your fingers for?"
 Week 21: "What is my super power?"
 Week 22: "How do you feel TODAY?"
June Tag Journals
 Week 23: "What is on your to do list?"
 Week 24: "What have you found lately?"
 Week 25: "What do you love most about where you live?"
 Week 26: "What were you doing this time last year?"
July Tag Journals
 Week: 27: "Your parents"
 Week 28:  "What are your favorite days filled with?"
 Week 29: "Goal of the week"
 Week 30: "Have you had a hug today?"
 Week 31: "Which song do you have on repeat right now?"

I will post my August Journals next week.

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