Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer of Amigurumi

I crocheted alot this summer.  Nothing that I had planned to crochet.  I crocheted 3 elephants.  The first was for a co-worker, Aaryn, I liked the tail but I didn't like the trunk.  It was too big.
Elephant for Aaryn
What a cute tail.
 I was going to crochet this bunny for Liz but she wanted it for her nephews baby.  I crocheted it in yellow and crochet the eyes.  As I look at it, the eyes seem mis-placed.
A bunny for Liz's nephew's baby
 Aaryn asked me to crochet an elephant for her friend.  I made the trunk smaller using a hook one size smaller.
Elephant for Aaryn's friend
 I crocheted the lovebirds for me.  Then my cousin Kevin told me a story about a parrot and love birds.  It was horrible; so now I need to put legs on them.
Lovebirds for me
 This hippo was for me (since I crocheted one for everybody else).  But Leif says it is his.  He has a purple one and a reggae one.  Now he wants my green one.
Hippo for me?!? (Leif took it)

 I crocheted a bee for Bridget.  She wanted two more (one for Tucker and one for Tyler).  These are the "Lazy Bees"
Momma Bee with her babies (for Bridget)
 Well, I didn't like the elephant that I made for Aaryn.  So I crocheted her another one.  She asked if she could give the first one (see the blue one above) to a friend.  I said okay.  She gave it to one of my former students.  He came by Thursday and thanked me for it.  His wife had their son recently.  He said that he took it home and put it in the crib with his son.
Another cute tail (another elephant for Aaryn)

Another elephant for Aaryn

The last thing I crocheted this summer was an alligator for Aaryn.  This was the second alligator that I have crocheted.  It is really cute.
An alligator for Aaryn
I still have a Mario, Zelda, and Yoshi to crochet.  I have several others that I want to do.  

Thanks for looking at my Amigurumi.  I hope to post on a more regular basis.


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