Monday, July 09, 2012

What Have I Been Doing?

Hey all,

My stitching group (family & friends) get together once a month and do a project.  In April, Bridget hosted the event.  We made these potholders that when put together make a hamburger.  It took us two days working in rotation on the sewing machines to finish it.  The lettuce took the longest for me. 
lettuce, onion, pickles, hamburger, onion (Jennifer's),
tomato, and cheese between two sesame seed buns
Man! What a huge hamburger!

Earlier this year I changed my bedspread on my bed.  I choose a happy, Hawaiian style colors.  My sister Jennifer crocheted a sunburst pillow for my birthday.  So I decided to make a couple of throw pillows.  I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby back in April or May but only got to put them together in June.

Throw pillows on my bed.

Pink pillow - Bridget put together

Orange pillow - I sewed together

My sister Bridget went out of town for family vacation in June.  I feed her cat while they were gone.  As a thank you, Bridget gave me a jewelry kit which I finished.   She got because I love owls.

At the end of the school year, my department at work had a "Baby Shower" for Aaryn and Beth.  I crocheted this elephant for Aaryn.  She loved it.  I think it is very cute.  I have had a couple of orders for the elephant since I gave this to her.

Here is another ordered bunny.  At first it was ordered by a friend for her, but her nephew and his wife are having a baby.  So, my friend ordered this one for them and requested one for her.  But she thinks she might want the elephant instead.

Spring Bunny with crocheted eyes

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope to post again soon.  I have several cross stitch projects and my art journals to post.

Thanks again


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