Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recent Amigurumi finishes

Well, like I said in my art journal,  my recent obsession is Amigurumi.  I have completed several projects and have orders for more.

The first up is a cat I crocheted for my friend Teresa's birthday present..  I used her favorite color - red.  It turned out cute.  I was going to make a flower for her "hair" but it was too big for her head.  Teresa called it the cat's cabbage instead.  Teresa was very happy.

Second is another hippo (Easy Crochet Critters from Lions Brand).  I know, I am getting tired of them also but it turned out really cute.  The colors are neon.  I crocheted this for a lady who works with my cousin Liz.  Liz said that the lady got it for her granddaughters birthday but decided to keep it for herself.  Cute!

Third, are two of the bunnies - one blue, one pink (the pattern is a freebie from Stephanie Jessica Lau).  I crocheted these for our church's plant, bake, and craft sale on Easter Saturday.  It took me a week to finish the pink one (I was easily distracted) and 1 full day to finish the blue one.  The pink bunny sold almost immediately at the back sale but the blue one didn't sale until the end.  But,  I have two orders for yellow bunnies from the sale.  I am presently working on them.

Fourth, are the lovebirds from Lions Brand yarn (freebie pattern).  They are so cute but I think they need feet or I need to make a nest for them.  These are for me.

The last one is a lime green hippo just for me.  Well, I had to make one for myself since everyone else has one.

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