Sunday, April 01, 2012

Finishes this month

 Here is the ninja that I crocheted for Michelle out of the Creepy Cute Crochet book I got for Christmas.  He was very easy to complete.  All one color.  I crocheted the face rather than use felt.  I also used buttons for the eyes.  Michelle loved it.  She put the ninja and the vampire queen on top of the TV.

Here are two of the twelve pieces for the Lizzie Kate Christmas Spirit Double Flip.  I finished one each month.  I have almost completed Cookies for March.  I am using DMC floss on specialty fabric.

Lizzie Kate's Flora McSample Farm Sampler Snippet.  I stitched this on regular linen with DMC flosses.  I loved this pattern.  The sheep and pig are really cute.  Besides it has a sunflower (my favorite). 

This is the afghan I crocheted for Hobbie.  I used zebra print yarn.  The pattern was a single cluster pattern that repeated.  The original pattern had fringe.  But, since I made it for a guy, I didn't think he would like it.  So I made up the border.  I did an single crochet for the first round.  Round two was a double crochet in the first single crochet, single crochet, skip stitch, then double crochet around.  The third round I did a front post double crochet, chain 1 for the next row.  Then the last row was a single crochet in every double crochet and chain 1 spot.  I finished it today at 5 pm.  I sent it home with Jennifer.  I hope Hobbie likes it.

Finally, my art project # 8.  The question is what is your current obsession.  Mine at the moment is Amigurumi.  I love crocheting animals for my friends and family.   I have actually sold a few of them.  I am making myself a lime green hippo  right now.  I still have to crochet for Tucker and Patrick.

My main focus at the moment is trying to finish my dissertation.  I have to finish this year.  I spent all spring break working on it .  I went to the coast and stayed at the condo by myself.  I did this so I wouldn't be disturbed or I wouldn't find a distraction.

I hope to post soon.  Thanks for stopping by,


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