Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quick Stitch

Lizzie Kate's Spring ABC's Snippet

So after finishing Wild West (or Treasure Map),  I needed to stitch something simple.  So I started this pattern Tuesday evening.  I had finished it by Wednesday evening.  I used DMC floss as per the pattern for the letters and the egg at the bottom.  I used Crescent Colours; Tangerine for the carrot.  The fabric used was natural Aida, 16 count.  

At the moment I am pulling thread for the Summer sequel to this one.  I was going to used one hand dyed thread on each of the 4 patterns but the summer one doesn't have a big enough area to call for hand dyed thread.

Also, I have two new additions to my family.  I got two kittens from my brother and his wife.  Here they are:


Aren't they the cutest.  Well Esmeralda (or Cinderella as Leif calls her) is the vocal one.  Periwinkle (or Starlight as Leif calls her) is the adventurous one.  I love having them until 7am when they wake me up plundering.  They are very loving.

Well, thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed reading my post (or at least looking at my pictures).


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