Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Plastic Canvas complete (well almost)

Welcome.  I finally finished all of my plastic canvas (well almost all) on February 10th.  First up is the Reindeer.  I finished him on the 6th.  He is very cute but has a funny nose.

Large Santa
On Sunday the 9th, we had two birthday parties.  My nephew Tyler who is 4+1 (5 but not 5) had a present opening party.  (He doesn't want to turn 5 because he doesn't want to go to school).  Then our friend Theresa had a stitching party for my sister Jennifer's birthday.  At the party, I finished the big Santa, the small snowman, the pilgrim, and the angel.  Then I realized that I didn't have a small Santa.  So, I created my own small Santa using others (like the witch and leprechaun) as my guide.  On Monday, I colored the fabric covered wire black and made all of the smiles.  The almost part is I need to get an orange marker to color the fabric to make the smiles & whiskers for the cat and the spider.  Also, I am waiting on Bridget to finish cutting out the Uncle Sam so I can stitch it.

The Snowman, Pilgrim, & my Santa
all of the Holiday Magnets

Ink Circles Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long
DMC Floss on

Since all of the current projects were finished, I pulled out another project from the box.  And the winner is ... Ink Circles Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long.  I actually started this project in March 2008 (when they release the first piece).  But, I didn't get very far.  When I picked it up this time it looked like the picture here.  Well, I worked on it all week last week and this weekend.  Then I spent all of Sunday and Monday pulling out what I had put in for the upper right hand corner.  I started stitching on it last night and redid all that I had pulled out.  I will post again on Saturday what I have completed then.  Also, I am still working on squares that are for Michelle's afghan.  My sister-in-law, Katie, helped me figure out the Fisherman's Ring Square so I will work on it this week.  Tonight "we bowl".  So I am going to work on the granny squares.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the visit.


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