Sunday, May 25, 2014

It is FINALLY complete

Well I finally finished it.  I have been working on this project since 2008.  I have been seriously working on it since February of this year.  It is beautiful.  I stitched using DMC floss on 28ct Jobelan Fabric from Silkweaver.  The color of the fabric is Karma.  The pattern is the Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long from Ink Circles.  I can't wait to frame it.  My sister Jennifer is out of town until tomorrow night plus it is Memorial Day Weekend.  So, I will have to wait a few day to go to Neblett's to order the frame.  I am extremely happy that I have completed this project.  One down, two to go.
Completed, Washed, & Ironed

Bent Creek's "lil p + Snowman"
I used this Bent Creek as a palette cleanser before I start the next big UFO. It was a quick and easy stitch.  It took a couple of days to complete.  I stitched it on the included fabric with the included pearl coton thread.  It turned out really cute.  My nephew Leif kept informing me that the had was missing the button and that the diamonds were incomplete when I was stitching it.  What a Clark (bossy).

My next big UFO project is Mirabillia's Rose of Sharon that I started in February of 2009 (I think).  I have complete the upper body of the women but I have a long ways to go.  I have one other major project the EGA course Tiramisu that I have to finish.  Since it is twelve bands, I am going to complete one band a month.  I decided this today and I am 1-1/12 bands behind.  I am going to work on it tomorrow and see if I can at least complete the 2nd half of band 4.

Well got to go.  Supper is ready.

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Sharon said...

Stunning finish! Congrats!