Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Talk About Avoidance

Ink Circle Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long
so far (with 2 blocks left)

Well I have been working on the Ink Circles Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long as the main project since around February 10th.  So, you would think that I would want to finish it up quickly; especially since I only have 2 blocks left.  Well you would be wrong.  I don't know why.  I really want to finish it (and should be completely finished) but I have been sidetracked.

3 Goombas with the Mario I made for Patrick
 My nephew Theron has asked me several times when I was going to crochet a Mario Goomba for him.  So this Saturday I spent time working on the Goombas (one for Theron, Tucker, and Patrick) and the Yoshi Eggs (one for Theron, Michelle, and Tucker).  The pattern for the Goombas I got from the website Nerdigurumi.   The author of the site is Emjay Bailey and I love her work.  The Yoshi Egg pattern I got from Sprite Stitch Forum 
The Yoshi Eggs with the Yoshi I made
for Michelle last year.
 I need to buy the blue yarn from Theron's Yoshi and his egg (the white one). 

I was also delayed more (because the above post was started two weeks ago) by the internet and finals.  I couldn't get the pictures to upload to the website.  Then final exams and end of semester activities along with graduation.  Well as of today I am on vacation until June.  If my class makes then I will teach in June but it doesn't look good.  Now that Pell Grants only pay for two semester, many of my students can't afford to pay for the summer semester out of their own pockets.  Right now, I have one student registered for my Calculus II class.  I will not be upset if my class makes or if it doesn't make.  Either way I will be happy. 

Well got to go my nephew Leif requested a Nutella sandwich and has counted to 10.  I guess I am in trouble (wink, wink).  So, I should go fix the sandwich.

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