Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What progress?

I am sorry that I haven't posted in a month.  I don't know why I haven't but here I am.  I have been working on the Ink Circle Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long.  I have completed the two crosses and the celtic knots on the side.  Actually right now I have almost completed the border but I will post that on Friday.  You know if I still had every stitch that was put into this pattern, I would have two versions of it.  I am almost through.  I have 4 big blocks left and the two fish in the corner.  It is looking great.
Well, the reason that I am not as far along as I should be on the Ink Circle project is because my cousin/friend Liz's daughter, Michelle, asked me to crochet a red giraffe for her friend Jordi as a wedding gift.  He turned out really cute.  The pattern didn't call for a nose but Liz suggested I put one on anyway.  It looks really good and there is a natural line for the mouth.
Jordi's Giraffe from the back

Jordi's Giraffe from the front

Are you looking at me?
Then my cousin Kevin's daughter-in-law just had a baby girl.  Of  course I had to make a baby gift.  I crocheted this baby blanket in one day.  I t is really easy (double crochet, chain 2 double crochet).  The only problem was that I had two skeins of yarn.  I followed the pattern but only put on 3 of the 5 border rounds because I ran out of yarn.  I actually had to do the last round twice because I was 3 inches from finishing the pattern when I ran out of yarn.  I tightened up my stitches and made it work.  It is a really nice summer afghan for a baby.
Baby Blanket for Kevin's new Grand-baby
I have been working from 7 to 10 every evening on something crafty, then reading from 10 to 11 before bed.  I had to force myself to do this because I get focused on one thing and forget to do the other.  I want to finish all my started projects this year but I also want to empty out a couple of shelves of books.  So, what do I do?  Borrow a book series from Liz.  But, I have been moving through them at a comfortable pace.  Hopefully, this year I can get back to reading as much as I use to.

Well got to go.  I have to drive home now and work on my cross-stitch.  Soon I will be drawing from the box again.

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