Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beginning of the School Year

This week started the new school year.  Last week I was called on Wednesday to move my office from one building to another.  My original office looked like this.  You can see the majority of my office here.  It was wide but not very deep.  I couldn't move my desk closer to the door because the door wouldn't close.  Not that I am complaining because I'm not.  The students who really needed help would find me.  I enjoyed sharing an office area with my office mates.  There were 4 people in the area: an English instructor, a Geography instructor, a computer science instructor, and a math instructor (me).  We were different but had a good raptor.  Most of us were moved to other offices.  I was moved into the math building across the hall from the math lab.  The computer science instructor was moved across from the computer science lab.  The English instructor was given an additional title of Honors Coordinator and got a new office.  The Geography instructor wasn't moved for now.  She will probably be moved soon.

My new office looked like this  until Sunday.  I moved everything to my new office which is not a wide but deeper than my old office.  I got professional help in arranging my office.  My cousin Liz helped me rearrange the office.  The filing cabinet is against the wall in the back.  Then comes my desk (same place but in the room more.  Next is my bookshelf.  Ending with my refrigerator near the door with the printer on it.  I know I will like this office because I will be near all the math faculty.  But, I will miss my old office mates.  They were interesting to talk to about things other than math.

I really haven't worked on any projects all week save one.  I have been working on my owlscornu which looks more like crows to me.  I am about 2/3's finished with it.

Well, I have to go the phone is ringing.  Thanks for stopping by.


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