Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stitching deja vue

Ink Circle's Celtic Mystery-Stitch-along
Stitched on Silkweaver - Karma
28 ct. Jobelan
using DMC floss
So as I posted last time, I had to pull out almost all of the right fish looking corner because I can't add.  Funny thing... I had to do it twice.  But I finally got it straighten out.  Also, since I was ripping out thread, I decide to redo the blue on the upper left corner.  The original blue that is suppose to go there is an lighter blue but it faded into the fabric.  So I decide to use only one blue since the pictures don't look like there is a difference in the blues.  I have completed 4-1/2 of the 18 different charts that make up this piece.  I am loving the work and the colors.  I hope to post more progress by the end of this week.

Also, I completed two patterns on Michelle's afghan.  The first was the Nooks and Crannies Square by Sally Ives and the second was the Apple Blossom Time pattern designed by Bonnie Pierce.  The Nooks and Crannies Square was fun to crochet.  I kept having to redo because I would lose track of where I was in the pattern but it was a fun pattern to do.  It turned out beautiful.  The I decided to try the Apple Blossom Time again.  At first I didn't want to do the apple blossom time because it called for E, F, & G hook; I was using K.  But, then I moved to the I hook for several of the patterns because the K was too large.  So, I tried again.  The Apple Blossom Time turned out beautiful. I now have 4 more squares to do for this afghan: (1) the Fisherman's Ring, (2) Early Harvest Square, (3) Basic Granny Square, and (4) Picots, Picots, Picots!  When I finish these squares, I will start on the squares for the Sunflower Afghan.  I can't wait to put Michelle's afghan together.  I am thinking of entering it into the Mississippi State fair this year.  We will see.

Nooks & Crannies
Apple Blossom Time

Well, got to hit the road.  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the read.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Plastic Canvas complete (well almost)

Welcome.  I finally finished all of my plastic canvas (well almost all) on February 10th.  First up is the Reindeer.  I finished him on the 6th.  He is very cute but has a funny nose.

Large Santa
On Sunday the 9th, we had two birthday parties.  My nephew Tyler who is 4+1 (5 but not 5) had a present opening party.  (He doesn't want to turn 5 because he doesn't want to go to school).  Then our friend Theresa had a stitching party for my sister Jennifer's birthday.  At the party, I finished the big Santa, the small snowman, the pilgrim, and the angel.  Then I realized that I didn't have a small Santa.  So, I created my own small Santa using others (like the witch and leprechaun) as my guide.  On Monday, I colored the fabric covered wire black and made all of the smiles.  The almost part is I need to get an orange marker to color the fabric to make the smiles & whiskers for the cat and the spider.  Also, I am waiting on Bridget to finish cutting out the Uncle Sam so I can stitch it.

The Snowman, Pilgrim, & my Santa
all of the Holiday Magnets

Ink Circles Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long
DMC Floss on

Since all of the current projects were finished, I pulled out another project from the box.  And the winner is ... Ink Circles Celtic Mystery Stitch-a-long.  I actually started this project in March 2008 (when they release the first piece).  But, I didn't get very far.  When I picked it up this time it looked like the picture here.  Well, I worked on it all week last week and this weekend.  Then I spent all of Sunday and Monday pulling out what I had put in for the upper right hand corner.  I started stitching on it last night and redid all that I had pulled out.  I will post again on Saturday what I have completed then.  Also, I am still working on squares that are for Michelle's afghan.  My sister-in-law, Katie, helped me figure out the Fisherman's Ring Square so I will work on it this week.  Tonight "we bowl".  So I am going to work on the granny squares.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the visit.


Sunday, February 09, 2014

Week 5 - Icy Weather begats progress

 As you may know, last week was a wash here in the south.  We had 2 inches of ice, not snow.  I basically spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the bed with the cats watching movies and working on my plastic canvas.  Why in the bed?   Why else? and because it was the warmest spot in my house.  I watched all 3 Mummy movies, all of the Twilight movies, all of the Bourne movies, as well as, Hansel & Gretel.  I started the Harry Potter series but only made it through the first 2.

Easter Duck Plastic Canvas
Leisure Art
On Tuesday I finished the duck, basically.  I still need to get a yellow feather to attach to it.  Other than that, I am finished.  This one was pretty quick to finish.  Everything was either yellow or orange.  My sisters and Liz thought it was cute.

Pattern by Red Heart
Light Raspberry Yarn

On Tuesday night, I realized that I didn't have a hat.  Why you ask?  Well, I don't really look good in hats besides why would I need a hat in the south.  It never gets cold.  (Yeah, right). So after I finished the duck I went looking for some yarn and a pattern.  I choose the Red Heart light raspberry yarn.
The pattern was a pattern that was on a band of Red Heart yarn.  It was a really quick crochet.  (I finished it in less than an hour).  I wore it to bed for the next 3 nights until the temperature warmed.  The picture I took of myself looks like my Wii U Avatar.  (that's really funny).

Easter Bunny
Leisure Arts
Plastic Canvas
I started the bunny on Wednesday and finished it on Thursday.  My mom likes the bunny the best so far.  So on Thursday, I actually got up and cleaned a little in the house.  I cleaned my room, the hall, and the bathroom.  The cats decided it was time to go outside (that mean old vacuum was making too much noise).

On Friday, I took my mom to Walmart in Hattiesburg.  Big mistake.  As my friend Jenny said,"People are going to be out and about on Friday because they can't stand staying home another minute." AND it was the end of the month, so people were getting their regular end of the month supplies.  When she was finish shopping, I took her home and went to meet Liz at her house.  We went to Hattiesburg and had lunch at Longhorn's.  I had the baby back ribs (umm umm good).

Saturday was spent cleaning my office.  Well, it was spent straightening up my craft boxes and labeling them.  I bought another 2 x 3 cubicle shelf from Target.  (I put it together the night before.  As usual, tools and I don't get along.  I used the wrong dowel when putting it together.  So I used the pliers to pull out the dowel but I ripped a hunk of skin off my finger first.  Note: when I was younger I wasn't allowed to use a butter knife because I cut myself with one.)  But since it is just me I put the shelf together by myself.  I put all of my crochet yarn in it.  You would think that it wasn't a lot of yarn but it actually is quite a bit.

Happy Clusters Granny Square
Amethyst by Red Heart Yarn

Saturday night, I worked on another square for Michelle's afghan.  The square is called the Happy Clusters Granny Square.  It was really simple and turned out really pretty.  I thought the other two that I have completed were 7" by 7" but they are 6" by 6".  So, think I will go around them one more time with a green.  Break up all that purple when I put the square together.